RWE transforms German energy industry in asset swap with E.ON, Innogy


Daylight saving time you're an hour behind this morning the s t has been part of american life for a hundred years now first made federal law in nineteen 18 i'm christopher cruise and i'm susanna palmer from bloomberg world headquarters china's trade ministers jong shan warned that a trade war with the us would bring disaster to the global economy but he said his nation won't start one and that talks with the trump administration continue at a press conference today in beijing jong said there is no winner in a trade war senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts says a bill giving banks relief from rules impose after the two thousand eight financial crisis could be a forerunner to another round of taxpayer funded bailouts in a transcript of an interview were and gave to nbc's meet the press she says i don't think of bill like that is good for anybody in america the bill is the largest congressional overhaul of the doddfrank act there's an acquisition in germany that supporting renewable energy german energy company jahn agreed to acquire renewable energy company in od from its german rival rwe the deal continues the transformation of competitors rwe and e on that was started by german chancellor angela merkel shift toward an economy powered by renewable energy instead of nuclear and fossil fuels us oil explores have curtailed activity for the first time since january the story on that from bloomberg's charlie pellett escalating output from shale fields stunted a recovery in crude prices according to baker hughes explores idled full working oilrigs this week bringing the total to seven hundred ninety six the benchmark for us crew has followed about nine percent since touching a threeyear high in late january ballooning of american oil production cast doubt on the opecled effort to shrink a global glut charlie pellett bloomberg radio.

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