Trump to seek to 'harden' schools against shootings

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Live from NPR News in Washington on core of a Coleman, President Trump is setting up a presidential commission to explore school safety. It's led by education secretary, Betsy DeVos, NPR's Scott Horsely reports. This is the president's first formal policy response to last month's deadly school shooting in Florida, the agenda ally. The White House is generally consistent with policy positions of the National Rifle Association that group supports arming teachers and other school staffers, as well as improving background checks. Although President Trump initially supported a higher age limit for gun purchases. The White House left that out of its recommendation to states. The NRA opposes higher age limits, though administration officials say the Presidential Commission will explore that idea. NPR Scott Horsely North Korean state media has been silent on the upcoming summits with the US and South Korea NPR's Illyes Hugh reports, South Korea suspects. It's because Pyongyang is being cautious North Korean state. Media hasn't covered Kim Germans invitation to meet US President, Donald Trump, the tightly controlled state information arms did note a visit to Pyongyang by South Korean on voice last week during which South Korea says, Kim invited South Korean president Moon Jae in and US President Trump for face-to-face meetings. Further the foreign ministry in Seoul says it has received no official response from the north about the US-North Korea summit Trump last week. Agreed to a meeting with Kim Jong un by May the two Koreas meanwhile will hold a summit at the inter-Korean border in April Elise Hugh NPR News soul voters in southwestern Pennsylvania head to the polls tomorrow for a special election in a congressional district that heavily favored President Trump for member station. W, E S A Lee herring reports on the surprisingly close contest polls. Show a statistical tie between Democrat, Conner Lam, a moderate and former federal prosecutor and Republican Rexecode an ardent conservative in. Member of the Pennsylvania house, The GOP isn't taking the race for granted. This past weekend Trump held a rally for succumbed to try to boost the candidate. The Republican has taken fire for running a campaign that some say, lacks the energy and discipline on Liam side for the GOP defeat here, what some called Trump country could foreshadow broader losses in the upcoming mid-term elections. National republican groups have spent millions on the race in there. Hoping Trump's visit will motivate enough voters to turn out for Sokoto For NPR News. I'm only herring in Pittsburgh. The National Weather Service is warning the Northeast that it's going to get its third strong winter storm to hit in two weeks. This could bring heavy winds and more than a foot of wet snow. That could mean more power outages on top of the outages. The customers got in the last two nor'easter's The Weather services also warning of the possibility of minor coastal flooding The storm is still developing. You're listening to NPR. The Trump administration is moving to limit who was granted asylum in the United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions has made legal filings this month that could affect people seeking the status Sessions is trying to eliminate what he calls rampant fraud and abuse in asylum applications. These have risen sharply. In recent years immigrant's rights activists save thousands of legitimate. Asylum seekers could be turned away including victims of domestic violence. Five people are dead after a helicopter crashed in New York City's east river from member station WNYC Sean Carlsson has more The Eurocopter a as 350 went down in the waters between the boroughs of Manhattan and Queens. Just after seven p. m. Sunday night Six people including the pilot were aboard the helicopter which was privately-chartered for a photo shoot police and firefighters responded to the scene. The New York City Police Department says, divers entered the water to cut loose the passengers who were still strapped into the submerge. Overturned helicopter Two people were pronounced dead on the scene. The pilot managed to free himself and was unharmed the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the crash For NPR News. I'm Sean Carlsson in New York in China, the National People's Congress has amended the country's constitution and abolished presidential term limits. It means at current president Xi Jinping we'll be able to rule indefinitely. A term limits were first put in place under Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping in 1982 They were intended to stop any returned to the dictatorship of Mao Tse tung on Korver Coleman NPR News in Washington.

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