Ryan Seacrest: A-listers skip E! News host's Oscars red carpet show



Levi's jeans not a whole lot of progress made yet on restoring power to a million customers without electricity across the northeast customers lost lights a few days ago during that deadly nor'easter that claimed nine lives those impact that extend from virginia up to massachusetts were crews are trying to clear way beach sand that was carrying onto roads from storm surge in new jersey people are being told that their power might not come back for at least a couple more days the biggest night in hollywood the oscars in ninety th academy awards is in the books the shape of water one best picture three billboards outside ebbing missouri taking best actress and best supporting actor best supporting actress goings allison janney for playing tanya in his mother lavonna golden in i tanya steven rogers look what you did what what you did your brilliant writer thank you for the gift of lavonna before the oscars ryan seacrest was on the red carpet trying to conduct interviews but was avoided by some celebrities after he was accused of sexual harassment which he denies some big stars like viola davis and margo robbie went right by but others like mary j blige did given interview saying she loves seacrest and does know the whole truth about what happened fox news farah valves this is a test to find out if you know it all when it comes to children i'm stores now name one of the leading killers of us children aged one to thirteen what's the best way to protect children in a car crash at what asian size british isles start using a booster seat where can you find the answers to these questions.

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