Lipscomb wins Atlantic Sun championship, heads to 2018 NCAA Tournament


For their third enzi aa tournament appearance thanks to the game winning buzzerbeating three from colleague jones's time expired this conviction that we've got to victory fix the big style copper's partly joe congratulations on your team letting buzzerbeating three let's show you for the first time take push through those last ten seconds set your peak shot for the nieces first of all it was for the other a double took quick novel the never stopped to sir with love so i have to let it go now we don't dancing probably john's fetishes with thirteen including a game winner radford emotional went on senator projected as a sixteenthseed by our jolan already there would be in the play in game in the missouri valley oil as chicago beats illinois state sixty five forty nine their projected as a twelve th seed according to our joe lunardi the atlantic son championship a first time in history let's go bisexuals stampede to the ncaa tournament didn't call points at one point two over edging see you the regular season champions and lipscomb is able to stay hall flickon back attempts colon westwood one one away ninety six the final second most combined point two hundred four points in this one second most combined in an atlantic zone tournament game and the most since 1982 looks calm as you heard had to high non they led six thirty wanted to have twenty nine point halftime lead and they hang on for a one o8 ninety six victory in this one big tango's to michigan a seventy five sixty six win over perdue outright a c title go so cincinnati they be wichita state sixty to sixty.

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