Another explosion in Austin


Oakville abc news i'm dave packer in austin this our people are being told to stay home another explosion following deadly package bomb explosions in recent weeks austin police chief brian manley we have to victims have been transported to hospital with what we understand right now are nonlifethreatening injuries abc's jim ryan is in texas with an update on what we're hearing from officials three package explosions that have happened in austin so far this month two of them were fatal and even as police were trying to put together clues about those incidents one more explosion happened on sunday two men in their twenty s were taken to the hospital for treatment it comes at the end of the south by southwest music series one person was arrested during that event for emailing a threat a bomb threat that turned out to be a hoax one hundred fifteen thousand dollars is being offered for information leading to an arrest through two different reward funds adam schiff the top democrat on the house intelligence committee saying sunday that members of congress need to speak up about the importance of the special counsels russia investigation before there was a constitutional crisis many figuring from the president's incendiary tweets implying bias by robert mueller staff over the weekend that he's preparing to fire him abc's tariff myriad at the white house has consistently undermine the investigation but this latest direct shot at muller comes as lead attorney is calling for the case to be shutdown lawmakers on both sides of the aisle warning trump that firing muller we'll have severe consequences for the white house repeatedly saying there are no plans to fire muller president trump's plan to combat opioid drug addiction nationwide calls for stiffer penalties for drug traffickers including the death penalty where appropriate under current law that from andrew brim berg the president's policy director bladder mir putin rose to a crushing reelection victory on sunday for six more years as russia's president his fourth electoral contest you're listening to abc news i'm nick soboleski a selectquote agent with a true story that could save you hundreds of dollars a.

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