Turkish military and allied rebels in ‘total control’ of Syria’s Afrin, Erdogan says

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Support for this NPR podcast and the following message come from REI. What is your? But that's the question REI co. Op is asking this season with gear classes, expert advice and adventure trips REI can help you overcome any excuses to find your way outside. Live from NPR news, Washington on trial Snyder. Turkey says it, Syrian allies have entered the center of freen in. It's now under Turkish control and Turkish president dared wants as Kurdish fighters fled. The area claim has not been independently confirmed, but it's the BBC's Mark Lowen reports footage posted online shows fighters with Turkish flags inside the city. The entry into Afrin has been funk quicker than on -ticipant. It Syrian rebel forces backed by Turkish. Empower moved in from dawn president. Adleman saying the town centre is under total control, troops, combing the streets for white PG, Kurdish finances hooping. The targets of Turkey's two month, long offensive. Many had reportedly fled some of the hundred and fifty thousand or so people who left Afrin through a corridor. A Syria monitor says, two hundred eighty civilians have died in the Turkish operation. Ankara denies it. The question now is, if Turkey will move onto target other parts of northern Syria also. Held by the white PG who had caused terrorists separately as Syrian rebel group in the Damascus suburb of eastern Gudo says it is in negotiations with the United Nations to arrange for a ceasefire. President Trump is attacking fired FBI director, Andrew McCabe deputy director, Andrew McCabe saying on Twitter that McCabe never took notes while the two were together. He's raising doubts McCabe documented their interactions. McCabe memo's. Oh, are now believed to be in the possession of special counsel? Robert Muller's team in a separate tweet. President Trump renewed has concerned that Muller's investigation into Russian election interference may be biased against him. Militants ambushed, a medical team backs needing against polio in a remote border area of Pakistan. The AP reports that to workers are dead. Another two injured NPR's Diaa Hadid reports from Mingora. Now, the three members of the vaccination team will missing after the attack. It comes after a killing in January when a polio walk and had daughter was shot. Militants have attacked paalea workers in Pakistan for years ever since the CIA used vaccinators in their attempts to identify Osama bin Laden. He was killed in two thousand eleven in the city of about Abed hooters in Russia, going to the polls in the country's presidential election Vladimir Putin all, but certain to win NPR's. Lucian, Kim reports at the main issue for the Kremlin is boosting turn out to give Putin a convincing mandate for the next six years. Polling stations have opened across Russia's, eleven timezones from Toco, which touches Alaska to Kaliningrad on the border with Poland flooding Putin who has ruled Russia for more than eighteen years is on track to win a fourth presidential term besides Putin. Seven other candidates are on the ballot. None of whom are polling above the single digits. Turn out in such a predictable election as the Kremlin's biggest concern and local authorities are getting out voters with free food selfie contests and mandatory attendance lists for government workers. Lucian, Kim NPR news. You catcher in Berg, Russia, and this is NPR. They are news southeast Asian leaders and Australia's prime minister or showing unity. When it comes to North Korea, leaders of Ozzy on where the association of southeast Asian nations have issued a joint statement, calling North Korea to rein in its nuclear programs. AUstralia host of the summit meeting this weekend despite not being a member of on a busy weekend for sports apparel. Lympics has wrapped up in South Korea with today's closing ceremony, much attention on college basketball, and which teams will advance to the Sweet Sixteen in the in the NCAA tournament for the second week in a row. Tiger Woods is in contention on the last day of golf tournament heading into the final round or the Arnold Palmer invitational woods is five shots behind the leader from Orlando, Florida in Paris. Tom Goldman reports the fact that Tiger Woods, one of golf's greatest players is even in contention. Again, that's a big deal. Even woods doubted. He could recover from the back problems that have. Him winless for nearly five years. But his fourth back surgery has worked so far. He comes into today's final round Orlando, having shot nine straight rounds of par or better over his last few tournaments. I still feel like I'm coming back. I'm still getting used to what my body can do shot some hitting and playing competing. Again, it feels good to be back out. There would says he could win today if he shoots very low score, but he'd also need a bunch of players ahead of him on the leaderboard do poorly. That's not likely since those players include majors, winners, Henrik, Stinson, Rory, mcilroy, and Justin Rose, Tom, Goldman NPR news, Orlando, and Joyal Snyder in Washington.

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