Danielle Nottingham, Dr Larry Nassar and Attorney discussed on WTMJ Weekly


Were put on paid leave pending an administrative review our examination will determine if any policies and procedures were violated by our officers the baton rouge police chief plans to release video from the convenience store security camera possibly offering the most complete look yet at the fatal confrontation danielle nottingham cbs news the boss of former michigan state university dr larry nassar is in jail for sex abuse has been arrested more from cbs news chief medical correspondent dr john lapook sir william scramble appearing on video from a michigan jail williams trample was arraigned on four charges a felony count of misconduct in office and three misdemeanors including one count of criminal sexual conduct and two counts of willful neglect of duty he may not have any contact with any victim witness in accord affadavit four female michigan state medical students alleged multiple incidents of sexual misconduct against trample including two who told police strap a leered at them and groped them all four told police trample made sexually suggestive comments to them john dak mic tramples attorney denies that he ever engage in any inappropriate touching of anyone in student or otherwise scramble is also accused of neglect of duty for failing to supervise nassar who is now in prison for sexually abusing more than two hundred and fifty young women a lot of.

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