Diablo 3 May Be Coming To The Nintendo Switch After All


Do always on route vote there you go near story this comes from euro gamer sources say diablo three is coming to the nintendo switch last week blizzard set tongues wagging with an apparent tease for diablo game on intend to switch the image of a job low tonight light being repeatedly switched on and off felt fairly deliberate but then after hours of an excitement and official response emerged from within blizzard apparently designed to dampen down the flames quote as of now we do not have any current plans to announce the oslo for switch a spokesperson told us so what's going on well wall blizzard makes its mind up your game sources have told us that yes the project is very much in production and as you might expect the game will be a port of diablo three or sources could not confirm whether the games rieper of souls and rise of the neck romance hurts matches will be included but this point it'd be surprising if they were not in its earlier statement pouring cold water on the rumors blizzard described the twitter post as simply quote a funding engagement peace euro gamers sources with knowledge of the prodi told me they were surprised to see it as the games revealed remains several months off we are habit of back and forth before the show on whether or not this consists of nearly and rightly gives he's not news because it's not a formal announcement but i will bet everything i know the d alba through is covenant under switch is whether smoke there's fire why would blizzard specifically come out and say we are not developing diablo first switch and then the sources like na they are man they really are why would they post a thing of them with due in the switch it's an engagement peace no it's a tease at you dim no it the whole you guys as we do in that's it that's it has repercussions now i agree i think that they are mixing the message in a really disingenuous way i don't like that there are pr came out and says we don't have any current plans to announce diablo for switch so i think now what they are forcing us to do if someone like you're a game or who has very reputable sources lee.

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