Mueller's Russia probe demands communications from Trump and campaign staff


2016 elections cbs's vicky barker has details on the sweeping new subpoena special counsel robert muller reportedly demanding all communications between an unnamed witness and nine members of donald trump's inner circle as well as mr trump himself note subpoena four mr trump yet says cbs news legal analyst andrew cohen do we think that would come if it's going to come near the end of the moeller investigation and looks clear like we aren't there yet the documents demanded reportedly began in november 2015 just months after mr trump declared his candidacy thicky barker cbs news meantime in washington president trump met with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the white house mr trump says the relationship between the us and israel has never been better he maintains his decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and to move the american embassy there was the right bohsia decision that added lay ready presidents were discussing whether or not to make that decision and they promised that their campaigns but they never were able to do what they should have done so i was able to do it when asked on his recent push to impose tariffs on imported steel and aluminum mr trump says he is not backing down and does not expect to have a trade war despite ongoing criticism from world leaders wbz news time to.

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