Trump Lawyer's Payment to Stormy Daniels Was Reported as Suspicious by Bank


Gun bill suspicious transaction i'm barbara kusak the florida state centered passed the bill to raise the age to buy a firearm from eighteen to twenty one while requiring a threeday waiting period for gun bites the florida house will at next on a measure to address school safety and gun violence in the wake of the parkland massacre the wall street journal reports the bank president trump's personal lawyer michael cohen used away or one hundred thirty thousand dollars to former adult film star stormy daniels was flagged as suspicious transaction and reported to the treasury department correspondent sara side nor has more the paper says the money was paid out twelve days before the election leading took questions about whether it could be considered a campaign contribution the watchdog group common cause which filed a complaint earlier this year with the federal election commission says if the new allegations are true they are a huge problem for the president a military investigation into the attack and to share they'd killed four american servicemembers concludes that the team did not get the required senior command approval for their risky mission to capture a high level islamic state militant it doesn't point to that failure though as a cause of the deadly ambush president trump met with israel's prime minister in the oval office in their first meeting since the us announced it's moving the us embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem prime minister netanyahu proclaimed whose host as a hero to all israelis jews israel's proposal lose who and the president said he may attend the opening of the embassy to be moved from tel aviv to jerusalem by may were were have it bill very quickly costantini washington west virginia legislators planned to meet tuesday to way some possible compromise aimed at ending the strike by west virginia teachers now entering its ninth day teachers are pushing for a five percent pay raise to end the strike i'm barbara kusak.

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