A Farewell to Cameron Diaz's Acting Career


Oh that's a great as the dynamic of stephen glass and chuck lane and that's what was up against he was he was going after the most popular kid at that magazine yeah i only have a you know a faded recollection of it but i remember it was good and have no doubt you'll go home and rewatch it actually might we watch billy rate and you never know you you know you're in that academy award crew with captain phillips and it was the year that twelve years a slave you know just swept everything right but do you watch the academy awards typically i do not now in this particular year i was working during the academy so let me ask you i it's not snobbism at all right it's i wanna get back there and more likely to get back there by using those three hours watching the academy awards or using those three hours writing something that's you're a committed guy although you have to admit i'll maybe you don't have to i'll just say it there is an idiocy associated with comparing these pieces of art i think or you know these are tick expressions share it's crazy i mean you can't you can't compare lady bird and dunkirk no you can't and and even if you go back and look through the lens of history i think about nineteen fifty when all about eve and sunset boulevard renominated against each other those are two of the ten greatest movies ever made how do you possibly say one is better than the other.

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