Third nor'easter in days could bring more than a foot of snow


Dot com for great deals brace yourselves for a blizzard lis blizzard conditions the region's going to get slammed by the third nor easter in just ten or eleven days wbz tv accu weather meterologists eric fisher says the snow will begin to fillin around midnight tonight this looks pretty legit especially at the coastline a blizzard technically as visibility under a quarter mile and winds frequently gusting of thirty five miles per hour for at least three straight hours now looks most likely right at the coast inland will still be some gusty winds they won't be a strong so probably not blizzard conditions there but plenty of blowing drifting out there will be expected tomorrow snow could fall one two three inches an hour but the snow will be a little bit lighter meeting fewer power outages not as heavy on limbs and wires the jackpot looks like southeastern massachusetts you could see two feet of snow if you live around 495 or eased to that fourteen to eighteen inches of snow central mass in the birch here's tend to fourteen inches of snow connecticut river valley six to ten inches of snow and again strong wind gusts over 50 miles per hour but not an astronomically high tide governor baker is urging people to stay off the roads tomorrow use public transportation though it will be limited if you you do have to venture out were encouraging employers to let their folks work from home and to keep traffic volume as low as possible so our hardworking clues can clean up.

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