Revealed: Trump’s election consultants filmed saying they use bribes and sex workers to entrap politicians


Rain continues to make its way into the metro area dade county of north georgia part of it is under a severe or under a thunderstorm i'm sorry tornado watch for the rest of the evening and a heavy storm cell popping up there no it's outside the listening area so no big deal but it is a sign of things to come there's a lot of hail in that storm their level lightning as well also same in blue ridge right now for the listing area where we're concerned there is a light shower stretching from carrollton all the way into the city light rain south of i twenty inside the perimeter of the heaviest stuff is in carroll county just north of weitzberg it is headed into the metro area it will be in the union city area in the next twenty minutes it's a fairly fast moving storm at this point is picking up speed the worst stuff is down in south georgia the core he'll albany area and we're going to avoid that but there's more coming in our area that you should know about wins are starting to pick up in the anniston alabama area there's been hail over there as well coming in so just stick with wsb please kirk mellish will keep us updated the newsroom will keep is updated as well as the storms fret comes through the metro area cambridge analytica there is a story out let me just read you the headline this is from channel four news in the uk trump's election consultants filmed saying they used bribes and sex workers to entrap politicians and undercover investigation by channel four news reveals how cambridge analytica secretly campaigns and elections across the world bosses were filmed talking about using bribes expyse fake id's and sex workers one quote of one of the people involved a senior person at cambridge analytica says quote we will offer a large amount of money to the candidate to finance his campaign in exchange for land for instance we'll have the whole thing recorded we'll blink out.

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