Brother of Parkland shooter arrested for trespassing at Stoneman Douglas High


Karen curtis with your news talk eight wpro news break president trump laming sick individual but the series of bombings in texas this is obviously a very very sick individual or maybe individuals he's sick people and we will get to the bottom of it federal agents were swarming a central texas fedex store earlier in connection with the multiple bombings sunset valley police say the fbi atf are investigating a package that was shipped from the business just outside austin it is not known if the package was the same one that exploded at a fedex facility earlier this morning near san antonio the sheriff in saint mary's county in maryland says the gunman in today's shooting at a school in great mills is dead two people are hurt the one male student wants to that source of mary's hospital is in stable condition the female students was transported to shock trauma facility is in critical condition sheriff tim cameron remarked that the school's resource officer took the shooter her out the brother of accused stoneman douglas high school shooter is due to appear before judge this afternoon eighteen year old zachary cruise is charged with trespassing on the campus and parkland even after he was told not to go there his brother nncholas cruises charged with killing seventeen people on valentine's day in honor of the six people killed in last thursday's pedestrian bridge collapse florida international university is holding a blood drive today at the graham center ballrooms the ball rose will also be the site of a vigil scheduled by the student government association for ten am tomorrow today's the first day of spring in like a lion out like a lamb so wicked weather hitting the south overnight alabama got rocked at least three tornadoes touching down in northern jala bama jacksonville state university was especially hard the campus took a beating the basketball arena and dorm suffering and stencil damage in georgia an offduty state trooper was killed.

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