West Virginia governor signs bill to give striking teachers pay raise


Week. Nine days state lawmakers were able to reach a deal with teachers. They're asking for raves. They were saying on. And with that vote, a conference committee of the West Virginia legislature agreed to a pay raise bill that many hope will send teachers and school service personnel back to work in West Virginia. The agreed to Bill giving those on strike a five percent raise but also extends another five percent raise to all state employees. Senate Republicans agreed to the measure after confirming the money to pay for the raises will come from budget cuts and not from projected revenue as the news was announced, a roar went up in the halls of the state capital with thousands of teachers have rallied in protest over the past nine days, Chris Lawrence, ABC News, Charleston West Virginia three weeks after the shooting at Marjorie Stillman Douglas High School in Portland Florida. The state's legislative body has passed a gun control bill that enables teachers and school employees to carry handguns something President Trump is praised ABC's Mark Remillod with more on what's in the bill, the vote of sixty seven four and fifty against reflected a mix of republican and democratic support among other things. The plan raises the minimum age to buy a rifle from eighteen to twenty one implements a waiting period on weapons sales and creates a program to arm teachers willing to undergo. Oh, training survivors of the Parkland shooting of and calling on lawmakers to act. They had previously voted down a plan to ban assault rifles Mark Remillard ABC News And a stark reminder of the horror of that day nine one wind what is your America? Gunshot One of the atmosphere. How many times. I don't know. In Park when I always It sounds like it's over toy high-schoolers. Courage Douglas We Broward County Sheriff's office has released the dramatic 911 calls from February 14th in Portland for the first time, the nine one one polls parents, dialing justice. They learned there was a shooting at school behind the back right now back the shock, What cloud. Then each hopefully she's gonna take back Hungary or shop was close to her. Yeah, In one poll you can you remote there talking to her child inside that school? Can he did he. One coal apparently coming from inside Stillman Douglas the caller speaking in hushed tones. It's been shot up. Are you at the school? And you are you at the school, Uh, the Broward Sheriff's also releasing new police transmissions? Oh, killed that part of the book won't be in a new time line. Deputy Scott Peterson arrived a little more than a minute after the first shot. And it took law enforcement eleven minutes and fifteen seconds to eventually enter the building ABC's Victor a kendo, The young investor, best known to the world as pharma Bureau for raising the price of a life-saving AIDS. Drug has been sentenced to prison. ABC's Aaron Katersky was at the sentencing hearing this week for Martin Skrilje judge dropped F bombs from the bench. As she quoted Martin squarely boasting about intimidating investors who he defrauded. She sentenced him to seven years but gave him credit for the six months. He has already served ever since he offered a bounty for all lock of Hillary Clinton's hair, Martin squarely wept as he spoke before, the judge begging for mercy and saying, he's only here because of his own disgraceful judgment times up for Toys-R-US six weeks after announcing it was closing three hundred eighty stores nationwide. The toy giant now says it. Might be liquidating all of its assets Toys R us has been struggling to dig out from a boatload of debt. They're dealing with the same Amazon effect struggling to stay competitive. Just like other retailers Toys R us was hoping that the holiday season would drive a turnaround. It turned out to be very weak. Unfortunately, they've already announced that are closing about twenty percent of their eight hundred stores. The company has this crucial decision ahead. One possibility is closing all of its US stores, and we've seen this play out before store closures mean job losses BBC's Chief business and economics Correspondent Rubik Giorbis Things are looking better for the nation's job market. US employers went on a hiring spree ABC's Cheri Aldinger with the numbers and what they mean low Labor Department says three hundred thirteen thousand jobs were added last month The most since July of 2016 what you get paid though. That's another story. Wages only grew by zero point one percent but that's welcome. News for Wall Street TD Ameritrade s- J.J keen hand reason you saw the stock market. Rather than so off significantly is because the wage numbers looked to as a sign of inflation, and it could factor into the Fed's decision. The central bank meets next week Daria Albinger ABC News slippery. It's heavy, It's heavy, And it's wet. And it's dance marches rolling in like a lion for much of the country. A powerful nor'easter slammed the East Coast jumping more than afoot of snow in some areas ABC's accurate Keetch's in New York in the tri-state area alone more than half a million household without power in Morris Plains New Jersey were crews cutting down branches over the railroad tracks in New York. I 280 seven South look more like a parking lot. Lawrence James that out there for seven hours of despicable 300 was a traffic started MOViN. And and we came to another standstill in Westchester County residents and businesses still reeling from the last storm. Still no power in that same part of the country I ninety five was temporarily closed for two hours in both directions. After a power line came down across the highway. Reports coming out that a third nor'easter could roll through by early next week forecasters at this point saying, it's still too early to make that call. It seems ripped right off the pages of a spy thriller, an X Russian spy deliberately targetted with nerve agent in England ABC's chief foreign correspondent. Terry Moran is in London, new security camera video showing Sergei scrip all the former Russian army colonel who once spied for Britain shopping at a local store. But now scrip all and his daughter Yulia are fighting for their lives Scotland, Yard, confirming. It was a chemical weapons attack being treated as a major including evolving attempted murder, administration while the nerve agent authorities also confirming that one of the first police officers on the scene also contaminated investigators in has met suits scouring the town for clues retracing the victim steps last Sunday, They had lunch ETF's easy and Italian restaurant, and thirteen minutes later they're found collapsed on a nearby park bench scrip all was arrested in Moscow in two thousand six then sent to Britain in two. In ten in a spy swap at the time Vladimir Putin issued a chilling threat at the deal. It's loose traders, well, kicked up bucket trust me, he said With spring break around the corner, the State Department has issued a warning about a popular Mexican tourist destination after a ferry blast last month, The February 21st explosion that injured two dozen tourists aboard a ferry docked at Playa del Carmen was no accident. Former D-8 supervisor filled Jordan who now runs a private intelligence firm says the device was meant as a message to the boat's owner goal with our candidate, or we will continue bombing your business Saleh's area travel agent. Ashley. Trent says her clients have not cancelled trips to the Yucatan, but they have bought kidnapping and ransom insurance. Their fearful of Apple holds are not been watched ever asked whether he would go to Playa del Carmen right now fill Jordan says, absolutely not Jim Ryan, ABC News. If you watched the Oscars, you might be left wondering about those two words that best actress winner. Frances McDormand uttered at the end of her Oscar speech AB. Jason Nathanson got an explanation from the woman herself when she won best actress winner. Frances McDormand said she had two words inclusion, rider, backstage. She explained those two words which means that you can ask for and or demand at least fifty percent diversity in that, not only the casting, but also the crew vaxxers at the Oscars Jason Nathanson ABC News Hollywood I uh, thank thrives on We'll gentleman full telling me This is International Women's Day smart. It's cold display hashtag, press for progress, celebrating International Women's Day. When World news this week continues, Are you hiring joined the over three million businesses that use indeed.com for hiring? You can post a job in minutes and manager candidates from an easy to use dashboard buster next job on the world's number one job site indeed.com women across the globe

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