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I'm just saying everybody i it's so appalling and it seems so obvious but this is another thing where how might rednecks really like like when i see sort of right wing you know and it's not everybody well that's one thing the first of all i should say no i wasn't surprised when when he asked that question i was like no i wasn't surprised and joy reid and i and i said this on the podcast i think once already i love her but like she tweeted something like okay teaches in west virginia now don't vote against your interest and i'm like they weren't this is another funny example of how blues some of these states are inconvenient i'm not saying every teacher who's on strike is blue but a lot of them could be ten the van ever news then right democratic party would give a fuck they would listen governor they were in a standoff against you know the republican governor was a democrat when they voted for him west virginia's at elected a democrat governor like for the past like sixteen years or something like that like elections in a row because of labor labor is while they're a blue state right and then that and then then this the current one what ran as a democrat was elected and just promptly flipped to trojan horse his ass he's a piece of he's a he's a coal he's roy the company right and apparently.

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