NCAA championship game: Villanova-Michigan -- live updates

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Taught andy griffith how to whistle here are gorgeous jordan goes every game of the ncaa tournament is on sirius xm tonight number three michigan takes on number one villanova in the national championship espn radio is live for san antonio all day leading in the westwood one's coverage of the game at nine twenty pm eastern espn radio's on threes exam channel eighty four and on the siriusxm who do you got tonight goes villanova you give shit who wins or nano want michigan the win why not i don't like them wow okay i guess it doesn't matter to me as much i think michigan's the dog so our pipe at the dog and just refer them yeah yeah what i haven't checked was it doesn't matter to me as far as march madness is concerned like the office pools because i'm out i have no chance of winning anything not even a complimentary second or third place where you get the money back from your mood i think the villanova wins you may take second which would either get your money back or maybe plus twenty five bucks thirty bucks those all right let's take some calls here who do we have on the on the is a minute from san francisco someone how you doing man doing great for taking my call you guys i do appreciate it i'll be real quick when i heard about the news yesterday of course i thought it was an april fools joke and then when i started senior junkie and espn i kinda cried i cancelled a birthday party and a wedding to watch ufc shoot twenty three and when i heard the news i'm like you've got to be sitting me this is the fourth time and i don't think i've had been the straw for a fight cancellation like this one so i mean that's how it's a it's a good consolation i mean i'll watch it is just man i've never seen a fight that's been so cursed before and it makes no sense and i kinda understand the nsa he might not want to schedule this again but yeah that's pretty much it meant bombed but i still look forward to this car it's a great card.

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