Tech stocks get battered, helping bash Wall Street


Eight eight three two one six thousand one did you see what happened on wall street today stocks are being hammered on the combination of trade war fears and a growing backlash against tech related stocks food giants like tyson and hormel are under siege after china's slap tariffs on a range of agricultural products ranging from meat to fruit facebook's user data scandal continues to weigh on social media stocks and amazon shares are getting whacked after president trump criticized the company's business practices for the second time in a week are they gonna jason brooks of cbs news and we do thank cbs news for that and yes donald trump is trying to tank amazon stock because he hates jeff bezos because outside of amazon jeff bezos the human being happens to own the washington post and donald trump doesn't like the washington post so here's the thing though i'm going to i'm going to make a case to you in a moment that donald trump really is the king of fake news however however you and i know who voted for donald trump and it wasn't people in los angeles and new york right it was people out in kansas stan ryan tags stan it was people out there in the farming areas so when donald trump put tariffs on chinese goods by the way did i say tariffs terriers embarrass everywhere he put terriers of by terriers barriers embarrass everywhere anyway so china has reciprocated with their own terriers in their own barracks this is three billion dollars worth of tariffs on us products one hundred twenty eight american products and this will hit us farmers heart now china raise tariffs by fifteen percent on most us fruit this includes things like apples pears cherries that tariff also applies to almonds and wine and there is a new twenty five percent tariff on us pork and aluminum scrap man is ben tracy of cbs news and we do thank cbs news for that don donald trump's supporters are in the places that produce pork donald trump's voters are in iowa right and in the mid west china is a giant consumer pork nine no this is really gross if you're the kind of person who i think you are and the factory farming's making me kind of think about hurling right here just talking about it but when you get you know anyway look the china eats.

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