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To help stephen hawking experience weightlessness he wanted to fly in space and to really show that he can do this given the incredible challenge that he has with his body with a ls lou gehrig's disease and the essential basic paralysis a the majority of his body but he's wanted to fly ultimately a fly out into space so the first step has for many wannabe astronauts and the actual astronauts is to experience weightlessness in something called the parabolic flight where airplane is flown way up to about thirty thousand feet and then gently arcs over descends down to twenty four thousand feet in about thirty seconds and in that time but people inside experienced says were passing through the gravity field of earth is just as if we were in outer space and so hawking wanted to do that i think both for the ability to demonstrate that people with body challenges like his can do it but i think also fun the guy was just totally excited about so many things you know we heard all these stories in the past week since his passing about heating such a jokester and loved just enjoy things and so wanted to have fun too and that was peter offered to him through zero g and asked me to help out in working with teen to enable hawking to do that so before we go on i must say how incredibly envious i am not only did.

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