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A significant step towards reconciliation jim has some other stories from my task the adult film actress stormy daniels is serving donald trump's lawyer for defamation after he denied the president had an affair with her in two thousand and six the lawsuit said michael cohen meant to convey that she was a liar it also accused mister kona violating campaign law by negotiating a hush agreement joining the presidential election mr trump denies the claims a serbian official responsible for negotiations with kosovo has been arrested on charges of illegally entering the former serbian province marco george was in a meeting in the divided kosovan town and metro visa when security forces in riot gear you stunned grenades to break through a crowd of ethnic serbs and detained him police investigating the disappearance of the british girl madeleine mccann have been granted more money to continue the search more than fifteen and a half million dollars has been spent on the investigation novel and met went missing in two thousand seven while on holiday with her family in portugal the us consumer protection regulator has confirmed it's opened an investigation into facebook over the alleged harvesting of private data by the political consulting firm cambridge analytica facebook said it welcomed the opportunity to answer v federal trade commissions questions from new york joe miller reports after facebook's last running with the federal trade commission in two thousand and eleven the social media company agreed to obtain express consent from its users when tinkering with privacy settings it also committed to running regular audits to ensure the protection of us at data but if as was alleged by cambridge analytical whistle blower last week the consulting firm was able to harvest the data or fifty million facebook users without their permission the tech titan could be found to be in breach of its settlement with the ftc and forced to pay up to sixteen thousand dollars for each individual violation facebook shares which had already lost more than ten percent of their value fell sharply on news of the ftc's intervention joe miller this is the bbc world service.

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