Ozzie Newsome hints at surprise first-round pick for Baltimore Ravens - Baltimore Ravens Blog- ESPN


And what is his future in boston did this boston thing work again they'll have gordon hayward back next year and so maybe they'll do something together but everything now boils down to one season for kyri urban in boston i the four leaf clover organization seems to have run out of luck watch what you're saying marang man kyrie is gonna be alright because he's going to be a free agent you know and so nine times out of ten players sent a someway somehow figure out it would have their best season rat around free agents but this one jason okay if kyrie irving doesn't want to get on board and sign a long term deal with boston guess what is going to be honest may be on the walking we will train whatever you want give us a superstar superstars are holding up on a why leonard and san antonio we don't know what's going to happen here in the next month he might just say get me out of probably won't back to the show jason mcintyre back with us we're now joined by fox nfl analyst tony gonzalez and longtime nfl head coach eric mangini all right let's move to baltimore a day after the ravens announced their signing robert griffin the third to be a backup quarterback and on the very day colin kaepernick lawyers depose ravens general manager as newsom and head coach john harbaugh in caps nfl collusion case the cabinet martyr narrative seemingly will not go away writing for espn's the undefeated jason reed wind i mean opined today that rg three signing by the ravens is proof the nfl is forever done with catholic at this point the nfl is trolling us all read wind that's the only way to explain the fact that robert griffin third has returned to the league while colin kaepernick is still.

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