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Jonathan karl for us tonight jonathan paint you also from the white house tonight a statement on us policy in syria after the president said he wanted to pull us troops out quote very soon that statement walking back the president's call indicating no change in policy and no time line for withdrawals tonight about two thousand american troops remain syria to train and advise in the fight against isis and the trade conflict heating up between the us and china the trump administration proposing import taxes on chinese electron ix and machinery products within hours china strike back against american soybeans cars and chemicals the president's chief economic adviser larry cudlow insisting it is not a trade war with an opportunity to renegotiate still american farmers and tech companies are expressing alarm we turn now to the weather seven confirmed tornadoes in the past twenty four hours and tonight wind and colours for twenty three states this dramatic cloud near columbus ohio violent storms damaging hundreds of homes there and shattering this hangar at houston's hobby airport and when the storm clears out another blast of winter is right behind it abc senior meteorologist rob marciano at the weather wall new york rob good evening kiddie down the behind his current system is cold enough to bring us lake enhanced no showers in the month of april big wins as well potentially doing damage and certainly delaying flights across the northeast high wind warnings up until after midnight and freeze warnings across amid south look at these numbers in the morning wind chills and the teens and twenties from chicago to pittsburgh to new york city certainly cold enough sustained snow and got another snow maker that'll rot across the great lakes and get into upstate new york by friday morning another system potentially bring snow as far south as dc on saturday tom even more snow will stay tracking no storms.

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