FEMA: Puerto Rico running out of time as storm season nears


This is wbz newsradio ten thirty serving boston and all of new england wbz news time five nineteen the snow has stopped here in boston and we're left with clouds and the temperature's rising a bit now thirty four degrees in the city good afternoon i'm jeff brown as you head into your weekend thank you for joining us our top stories now in the wbz newsroom wall street's another sharp loss today the dow dropping more than two percent and this is really all about the ongoing trade fight between the united states china we take a look back at the markets with dave caruso coastal capital group coming up in five minutes a federal judge in boston dismisses a lawsuit against the state assault weapons ban and texas republican congressman blake barrett hold apparently resigns from congress amid sexual misconduct allegations facebook is trying to well save face these days a key executive is making the media rounds to soften the company's image following the revelation that eighty seven million users had their information scraped cbs business reporter jason brooks with more facebook chief operating officer sheryl sandberg told bloomberg that the company has seen a few advertisers paused their spending while asking the same questions other people are asking when it comes to user privacy ceo mark zuckerberg told the media earlier this week that there has not been any meaningful impact on facebook's users or advertisers at that helped give the stock a big boost on thursday sandberg also told nbc that facebook users would have to be willing to pay a fee to avoid all user data targeted advertisements also speaking on nbc's today show sandberg said the company will be taking more steps to protect users information the atlantic hurricane season begins in just a couple of months june i as a matter of fact in puerto rico is still reeling from last fall's devastating storms and according to fema it's going to take about fifty billion dollars to rebuild some of that island's fema administrator brock long says the agency is coordinating planning and training exercise with the government of puerto rico and still more than fifty thousand customers remained without power after hurricane maria hit in september the.

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