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Is you saw that pick six changed the whole dynamic of that game and from then on out everything about minnesota was on its heels you can't do that to the patriots you can't do that the patriots in any facet of the game there is no run clearly we saw last year that they can't find a way to overcome or at least battle back again so if you're philadelphia you're not just going to be able to rely on a couple of big plays you're going to need to be consistently great the entire game and i just don't think they can pull that off like what is there a clear advantage like is there to the eagles have a clear advantage anywhere on the field over the patriots and if so what are though i think they have a lot of clear advantages i mean defensively the defensive front against the patriots offense of front as a win for philadelphia i think offensively their offense of line against the patriots defensive line is a win i mean receivers you'd probably give that edge to new england but it's it's no mike mike antiun but mike if you're saying they have the edge i don't disagree with the by the way if you're saying defensive of versus the patriots off into line clear advantage eagles eagles offense of line versus the patriots defensive line clear advantage eagles than this then you're doing what i'm doing which is totally fine this is all getting down the nicholson tom brady foyer you just can't envision a scenario where nick folds out of our is playing on the same field is tom brady and nick folds going to walk off that field a winner will know and but also you can have an advantage on paper and still understand that what the patriots will do do you within the body of a game is change those things up enough to still make them winnable assets like last week i don't think there was any disputing that the patriots offense of line was grossly outclassed by the group the jacksonville trotted out defensively but when you could bring ship bond most plays and find ways to very how you protecting tom brady that'll line actually played a good game in the second half and really help keeping clean and was a large part of the reason why so the patriots are good at taking their deficiencies and either.

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