Major comeback as Cubs beat Braves

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Four network indiana sports on mark forster two major league baseball games today one of which was a major comeback and that was the chicago com defeating the atlanta braves sporting to change your congo now seven and seven they gone down chew after the fourth inning did the comes and had to scrap their way back jose can tana the come starter got roughed up four seven hundred runs in just two innings and a third of work but the combination of steve see sheck justin wilson brandon moral over the final three innings holding off the atlanta braves all awhile becomes to folks slowed for nine runs in the eighth inning that took care of everything they won fourteen to ten and four comes had double digit or excuse me had more than one rbi we'll see contrary kyle schwarzer then zobrist and javier bias had four alone the cubs a major comeback victory and they are seven seven in the early going of the season in a comfortable victory for the saint louis cardinals today over the cincinnati reds six two one that final saint louis jumped down to five to nothing lead in this game but the ford and nothing lead after the fourth inning was helped by greg garcia's two home runs on the day and a two run shot to start the game and then on his second hand bad would hit a solo shot but the cardinal's really didn't have any trouble with the reds today in the starting pitching in relief was excellent we one run given up like we mentioned and six strikeouts took three walks and it was a really good day for saint louis eight and seven on the cardinals and cincinnati continues to struggle out of the gates they are chewing twelve and just one eight six at home they have lost seven straight for network indiana sports are more forster.

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