Tips to Prepare for a Crashing Market


The market's up the markets down what is going on in the market as we start this new deck well let's think about it thanks for having me on the show at the thing about it is is that everybody you see in the market go up and up and up and pretty much every day and here we are again after another I'm began but but people realize this that the party is going to be over at some point in time and my opinion else for what it's worth everybody has different I think one of the next crash is gonna be brutal and here's why I think that we've had a lead been years pretty much of gains in the market right Paula Chile is getting weird were having larger ships up and down a lot so just means rapid on critical of and we got all that that that trade stops gone I think we just saw something which China but there's always going to be that we got to death bobbled what we borrow more money than ever before crazy global economy as kind of slowing down the dollars week and I think there is a tremendous risk to the average Americans retirement accounts and savings and why do I say that if you have kids yeah now you ma'am when your kids get their first credit card has a thousand dollar limit and I go out and buy pizza and go drink and and they run their credit card up and then they got another credit card alternate pay off their first credit card with the second credit card god my my kids aren't that old yet but now you were raised some warning signs for me right we have twenty three trillion dollars national debt I mean I don't even know what that number looks like on paper one four four trillion dollars budget this year okay we got corporate barring I mean it's just that the market is getting weird and they did a survey all the big corporate financial officers yes bank and what percent do you think that the we're gonna have a huge economic slowdown or recession in twenty twenty one percent twenty I would say you have a high number may be fifty five K. K. ninety seven but there may yeah the last couple weeks okay and I read this quote okay ninety seven percent of CFO's query believe either economic slowdown a recessional occur before the end of twenty twenty eighty eight percent so my point is if you're listening if I'm feeling but I am because chances are you're not prepared and don't tell me have three pointers house bars your we time to catch it all about money yeah right right right okay so it's so you're ill prepared how do you if the market's going to go down it if all these indicators are there how do you survive that how do you even make money when something like that is happening in so many people are going to suffer they're gonna lose money yeah they're gonna listen to face problems first of all you have to know how do you hold on to what you got right now how do you stop that yeah all this doom and gloom comes true and it's not easy and we have a process to help people do that and then how do we make it grow because you just you just can't stop investing see the problem is we never talked about this Pat our company in this online trading academy was really misleading because it should be called the online trading and investing a cat because not everybody wants to be a traitor now right I understand that hello education is the only way you can you know you can't go to you tube go on those get rich quick videos you can ask your friend there yeah your financial advisors gonna check it what you will do Pat you need to cut back and cut out your lock days every day what about you yeah I stopped by my wife that this you could buy it that's what you look like a male the Marcos you need yeah now your date itself most people don't know about this well there's a there's a there's a a new documentary about her so all all I rely on that looking want to ask you the most basic question and please don't laugh at me what is it what's the difference between investing and trading okay good question trading is an activity designed to produce short term income as you think it but we have to put two buckets of money in our life we have our cash flow back at which is our salary and we have our our well market which is our retirement account and what we want to do when we're working our money from our cash flow Bakit beads and our west back and then when we retire the money in our wealth bucket but surround and that takes care of our cash needs okay the manager right so that's what you have learned how to manage that all right but I I just I don't know the difference between trading and investing secrets are traded because you're such an and great interviewer I just lost my train of thought out so anyway so trading as an activity designed to generate short term income the trading means you there's day trading which everybody thinks is crazy but it's not where you're in and out of the market the same day some people like that some people down and then there is swing trading which is where people are in the market for a week or two which is less stressful and then there's there's there's position trading where you're holding things for your retirement so position trading is actually investing where we're just now getting strategies were analyzing are now we're making little adjustments and quick so that we can maximize our games and minimize the risk involved okay that's that's your two cent definition all right and and you know what it's worth more than two cents because now I kind I understand the difference between it so this is very very good all right I'm another basic question things are crazy right now on the news lance there are raising their absolutely insane how much should investors and traders pay attention to what's going on in the news and how should they react to all that well it all day you never can understand all that because we got all the we got the internet we got podcast and all this stuff and so it's really kind of hard to say you just have to know that is what is not what you know the kills is what you don't know so the way to do it is to get the best education you can make sure you understand what's going on the market and that's what we do twenty two going on twenty three years online trading academy which should be online trading investment generally we know what we're doing and we don't promise you it's easy with I'll promise you you're going to get rich we don't study a you have to give up your lot days you know that when I do that right and and you do have a core strategy which is patented and that's exactly what we're talking about here so we have a pact that strategy that doesn't guarantee you're going to get rich but that's that's a that's an organized approach to being a successful trader and or investor you know what I love about this is that if he truly is and investment education it truly is a telling you about your own money what's happening with your money how you can use your money and how you may be able to use your money more wisely than it's being used right now because so many of us simply have it in one of these for a one case we put it in there because it just comes out of our paychecks and that's it we never pay any attention to it it's like every other thing this taken out of your paycheck it's just you know a day a deduction and we don't even look at it as something that could be helping us to establish our retirement yeah I think about every week money comes out of your paycheck so you're you're buying you don't know at what level you buy you don't know buying it the most expensive price is the last couple weeks so the least expensive you don't know what you're buying from some person sitting at a cable going New York City trading your money and you've ever met them or or how to do it you don't know what you're paying for whatever it is they're buying that you don't even know anything about you know when you put it in these terms lance it's crazy it's absolutely crazy okay so we all need investment education and this happened online trading academy where the classes take place I understand you are for the first one free yes we have an introductory class it's two hours I teach it it's lots of fun and I try to make it not boring we don't try to sell you a condo and now you're anything we're just what you want one that we can have those about now what we're trying to do is say here's what we do it you know you're going to outlive your money the next generation is gonna live twenty more years after they retire on the issue of mutual funds or eighty five percent of mutual funds don't beat the overall market your financial adviser is is it you know and the less you have like five ten million dollars you're just the number they don't care about you say you you got to do something and if you have to write a grant of water grand you don't have enough money you're gonna be part sorry so in order to sign up for one of those classes I understand you call eight seven seven three three eight trade that's eight seven seven three three eight T. R. A. D. E. eight seven seven three three eight eight seven two three or you can go online to sign up for the free class and that is free T. a class

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