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Kansas city

AFC Championship Game - Titans at Chiefs
2 months ago

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New York state nears 1,000 coronavirus deaths

AP News Radio
2 d ago


Kansas city thirty five to thirty two after this one a rematch of a week twelve below out in the NFC title game the forty Niners taking the first meeting from the Packers thirty seven to eight Niners coach Kyle Shanahan's message to his team looking back at that one don't be that stupid that's that's not real since that that it's about Sunday's game I mean I can give a thousand stories of things like that on this and then it fell so no team the the game before never matters like that there's four teams left in this for very very good teams on it's gonna be are hard game for all of us on the other side first year Packers coach Matt le floor you always want to learn from from past mistakes and performances whether it's good or bad and you