Sally Fox: The Mother of Organic Cotton


There. Sally Fox who is considered by many in the industry to be the mother mother of modern organic cotton throughout her career. Fox has fought the good fight. She reminds me kind of like the fashion version of Jane Goodall. She kind of looks like her too but she's had middling success in this fight. Conventional cotton farmers in the American southwest did their best to quash endeavors. I mean when she told me the stories in she lives in a trailer and when she told me Over T in her trailer about what. The farmers did to run her Outta town. Bakersville or field and in in Arizona. Crazy Levi's I applauded and encouraged and even contracted her to supply the company with her organic cotton and she was wearing jeans made of if it when I met her but then after a management shakeup in the nineties the company abruptly cut her loose and that led to her bankruptcy eh yet. She's never given up now on Vera. Dita's farm her one hundred and thirty Acre stead north west of Sacramento. She still breeds and nurtures cotton as well as raises sheep for wool and she farms crops to sequester carbon and build topsoil for her. This is the only way forward right now. She said the climate goal for the Paris accord is point four percent carpet sick with station per acre per year we have to get the carbon out of the atmosphere before there's no return.

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