Somali troops still vulnerable to al-Shabaab outside Mogadishu


Twenty how should Bob is showing no signs of slowing its deadly fight against government forces in Somalia the crisis next door host Jason Brooks talks about the conflict with her room a roof journalists for voice of America and co author of the book inside Alicia Bob a room when we chatted last may the U. S. was ramping up airstrikes against al Shabab targets as part of its alliance with the Somali national army and the African Union coalition how big of an increase what is there in airstrikes compared to previous years and are they having any noticeable impact on degrading al Shabab capabilities well last year the United States carried out affect card number off at his tracks that gays Tasha about mother sees the atis tanks it never happened before at the United States have been targeting just like belief yes yeah it is last year the US about food store and level three shot is those who are bringing explosive peace into town is the operatives that are moving between that at Tom this in order to carry out attacks so that has been the main focus but the United States also Tackett did a Q. official at back in December I had the estates at us tax kidded one of their top two I live and within the US about group at this thought and the fear of that S. tax could be a T. T. in our Shabbat eighty S. is significant and it can be as given from outside the U. S. defense department issued a report saying that troops loyal to Somali as federal government in Mogadishu are not yet ready to stand up on their own against al Shabab in the country south with there have been a spate of deadly attacks to star twenty twenty the report says operation by Badu has resulted in limited progress in recent months why do you think the operation has struggled and why is al Shabab so entrenched in Somalia's self there has always been a struggle in order to rebuild a some on the national army and that is because that has not being a unified focus it is strategy in order to order five the somebody at me that I always a distraction is a member of this online out of fighting at that time and when they are also being distracted by politics when they're not elections every four yet is whether there are also about about Todd square and they actually seeking different training from different countries so they are trying to repeat some of the national army why and Adam is also fighting you were also understand that comment but that the African Union mission is to protect the government to but during the last three before yet he's on his own house completely halted all related offense if he sat

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