Coronavirus: Trapped on a cruise ship


Well it sounds like a nightmare being trapped on a cruise ship with a mystery virus. That forces you to be confined the cabins for two weeks but that is the reality for the three thousand six hundred people on board the diamond princess in Japan but many reminding positive psychological sense even those who've become infected trying to pass the time as the number of confirmed cases increases and there's not without its challenges to cover correspondents either as North Asia correspondent Jake's termer has been finding out the two thousand plus passengers was supposed to be coming to the end of fantastic crews some on the honeymoons are those young and old with their families on a great adventure from Japan to Hong Kong and back again suddenly an announcement that passenger infected with Corona virus had been on board and left while the ship was in Hong Kong. I two twenty four hour delay and then confirmation that the ship would be placed into two weeks of lock down the first day. It's ten confirmed cases including two Australians. I spoke to a couple onboard straighten. Paul fit amok and his wife. Jackie Day one you you know it was a bit scary last night will make realize it's something's going down. We went like it to get off the ship and then morning when it was announced it was a bit surreal. But you know we could be a lot worse off. So this poor people in internal cabins and we have balkanise mcclatchy and states gabby fresh aero off been at the port almost every day in conceit many of the passengers from land all of my interviews and chats are done through social media. There's no way I can get on board out. Bureaus producer is constantly contacting the Japanese Health Ministry to find out the latest

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