Nancy Pelosi tells reporter who asks if she hates Trump: 'Don't mess with me'


With a focus on Nancy and Joe and the camel I have questions about camera that Joe did a pretty good yeah actually both Joe and Nancy yesterday sort of took off after people losing that was interesting yeah Jennifer ladies in general did you think Nancy has a little starch Joe's got a little starch ready thank I've been trying to be mean but nasty must've been the nipping at the cooking sherry early in the day Jack frost nipping at her nose is that yeah is that what she had to interesting at two interesting press conferences first one is the one that historic and that was the one that happened about nine AM eastern time six AM Pacific and that is when Nancy Pelosi took to a podium and said that she is ordering that the Judiciary Committee move forward on articles of impeachment meaning that to this is still moving on it that this will continue and that most likely president trump will be in peace in the next couple of weeks Jerry Nadler has ordered his Judiciary Committee to stay in town over the weekend they are working on it red lining the document that Adam Schiff put together three hundred pages of a report basically laying out the evidence against president trump the we don't know exactly what the what the charges will be at but most likely it will be abuse of power which would include bribery obstruction of justice and obstruction of Congress those three things would be included in the articles they may actually even put in some some from the Muller report probably enter the obstruction of justice heading I don't know exactly how to look but that's how it that's exactly what they're talking about and it looks like the votes for the full Congress could happen as early as the week of December sixteenth so it not this coming week but the week after that so that it can happen before Christmas is that it says they're ready for it president trump said it bring it on make it fast let's get this over with and does so away we go towards impeachment in January now you mentioned Joe Biden Joe Biden also got a little salty and he was on the road at getting at getting questioned about his son's role in Ukraine and he took on someone and one of his campaign events two of them exchanged words there was some debate over whether Joe Biden said fax or call the guy fact little little does that there later in the day for Nancy Pelosi she came back into her normal press conference which is done every Thursday by the speaker of the house and the ashy was leaving the podium one of the reporters said do you hate president trump and she went kind of ballistic I mean literally she did she hurt his back was a fabulous I thought our answer and the weird hate his no place I don't know it you hear you know me I see it all the time I yeah will use that she walked right back to the podium though and started lecturing I mean she was already should Sir Affleck helmet she a walk when did she say what was her response the Arab have like I've had a lot to not use the word hate and I don't believe in that word and I don't hate anyone and I pray for president trump everyday and so you kind of don't mess with me she thought yeah that was kind of a funny like don't mess with me about that

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