House Rules Committee meets to set terms of impeachment debate


US President Donald Trump is facing two articles of impeachment abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The House Rules Committee will meet today to discuss next step for a full house. Vote to impeach trump. Possibly as early as tomorrow well here to tell us more about his cloud Harrington senior lecturer in American politics the month. That university took us through the time. Fine Line that we can expect now. Well Good morning and yet so there's GonNa be a a significant vote this week as you mentioned where the house would have to consider the two articles of impeachment and so that's pretty much a given that the votes will be am to to move forward. Not least because the the Democrats have a pretty comfortable majority in the house. So that's that's kind of that for the time being and then there would probably be a short period. Were were they at turn away from it. Because of Christmas and New Year and that and as it stands and January seven is the date. That is at pencilled saluting for a Senate trial to begin so as the media coverage previously that the the idea that a Senate Charles is actually actually going to ask you to consider the greater good or and the actual facts is is looking as number by the day as as the kind of the you know the partisan sites sites hunker down so it's just a question of of a wait and see to see you know maybe over Christmas there'd be some reflections by those people who would be in that kind of juror position and in the Senate to see you know they have to ask themselves. Are they going to vote just along party lines or will they actually look at the situation and untrained vote with their conscience. Because I mean we're seeing many moderate Democrats who came to office in two thousand sixteen. Change them lines there from vulnerable states previously held by Republicans but all willing to take the political risk to impeach. Do you think then that Republican senators will join them. I mean will. They sacrifice the dignity of the office and risk irreparably irreparably damaging the GOP to save trump's skin. When did they get fed up with this? Nelson's yes that's the question isn't it. I mean I've been looking to see what certain names or or cropping up and that that might possibly may be am cross party lines when the time come. The time comes and I mean there's a few names that wouldn't be that surprising. I mean Mitt. Romney would be an example. He's you know he's a very well known individual he's also am being critical of trump is is a sort of more of a traditional Republican 'em from the olden days when you know there was more integrity involved m other names at that have cropped up R. M. Susan Collins in Maine and Lisa Murkowski in Alaska. So there's sort of what I would call kind of sensible Republicans you know individuals who have a kind of a conservative political agenda but they are not signing up to D- chopping worldview. So there are some names. I'm On some of this as well and that might possibly consider but it's it's it's a big thing to do I mean crossing party lines is a big deal and obviously you could be left. Possibly an swinging being in the wind further down the line when you're party sort of looks and unreflecting and sees that you happen sorts of 'em Lonzo this. There is one other possibility which I think is deeply unlikely at this point but it is technically possible that the Senate could actually am not go forward with impeachment and actually go for a censure motion motion instead so that something that's being discussed around the margins. But I would say at this point. It's probably a case if the wind is now fully behind the full impeachment process. A what that means is that you know. Trump is very very likely to get off and I just don't know what sort of misses that sense to to everyone. Not least as the president Exactly that that that he is a he can deflect any of this will The the the Senate Majority Leader the Mitch. McConnell in the minority leader Chuck Schumer a planning to meet to talk about the shape of the Senate. Shell should it go ahead now. McConnell is said to want to shorter prevent trump himself apparently is privately pushing for a longer process that would give him the chance to stage a theatrical defense. I mean what what might that be is. It'll just move reality show for him. Well I think I mean he's obviously looking at this. As as I as. I think. Everyone's aware at this point wings and he likes to fight. You Know He. He enjoys the confrontation. He's he's very much about the theatrics you know. He's he's very savvy when it comes to this sort of the the television will aspect of all of this so the idea that this could be a long drawn out process is is not the worst thing for him because he's almost comfortably certain that at the end it will go in his favor with the Senate. I mean you had. Mr Collins sang very recently. I am a live on television that there was zero chance. That's the term that he used 'em that at the president would be removed from office. So this is before the trial is even happened. So that's the sorts of 'em part. He'll digging that. You're you're guessing and so in terms of the the the length of the trial you know the longer it goes on the more a lot of voters Democratic voters will start saying look you know what about twenty twenty. What about healthcare? What about my job? What about the economy etc and Trumpian in supporters will look at and say you know look at this which haunt you know? There's Argonne just getting it in the neck. Were so going to be out of there for him next November rooting firm. Because look at these neurons runs you know trying to get him out of office by any means necessary so a longer all is not necessarily the worst thing for president trump so the Democrats say that the child is rigged. Do you think that's true. Well I don't rigged is the right word but I suppose one would hope you a regular person or people such as ourselves with think that you know people going into a trial on participating as jurors which is basically what the senators would be the and in that process that they go in with an open mind base their decisions on the facts that are put in fun to them and try to keep preconceived notions and You Know Parson ideology and politics extroverted. But I mean even saying those words now it seems laughable than any of that can be the case so rigged in a way Yes yes I suppose Very quickly before we go the fact checkers databases reported to sing in the in the Washington. Post that As of December the tenth Trump has made fifteen thousand four hundred thirteen fourth own misleading claims. It's absolutely indisputable that he is Eliah area why to his supporters like supporters of Boris Johnson. Here in the UK NOT CA. I think it's a you know. There's a phrase from way back at at the beginning of his administration where it were. Somebody came up with the notion that his supporters take him seriously not literally and his opponents. Take him literally not seriously and I think that can account for the the many thousands of 'em lies because his supporters are like. Oh yeah whatever you know. He says stuff he tweets. That's just our guide. That's just how he is. He shoots from the hip you know who cares and so in a way it it. It almost enhances him in a lot of people's minds that that you know he's just he's a norm. Buster on a rule breaker on part of that is just saying what comes into his mouth at the time and then when he's challenged on a light he would go back until down and say it again and say it louder and bigger so there are those who think that this is an asset and then there are other maybe more kind of our regular voters who would have their head in their hands and and just kind of fear for their country at this point cloud. Thanks very much. Indeed that was cleared

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