Korpisalo continues CBJ domination of Capitals


All right so last night as we've been talking about on the show it was a fantastic night for Columbus blue jacket fans and the Columbus blue jackets and boy corpus although I can't say enough about him and and his performance last night let's bring in the sideline reporter for reset reporter for foxsports Ohio in the Columbus blue jackets Dave Matt's old Matt's year in Detroit right now yes are not just Detroit it's beautiful downtown Detroit I mean if this place is phenomenal so last night let's start with last night boy I I don't know what the feeling was around there but boy it was really fun to watch corporate solid do its thing last night Hey look I'm not talking to I I want to forget about the rest of the team as well but let's face it they were quality parts flying at him all night long and this guy was just you know stop after stop after stop in the blue jackets they boy they just they cranked it up last night it was really really fun to watch Hey boys look towards has been saying for a couple of weeks that this isn't a five hundred hockey team because the goaltending and he meant that as a compliment your goal of corpus all he has kept this team in games that they otherwise has no business being in even at one nothing overtime loss in Pittsburgh after that game towards the quote this game could therefore nothing very easily in the favor of Pittsburgh but it wasn't because of course the last night might have been his best of the year if you go back up maybe a week before that Alaska because Washington that might have been his best game of the year until last night he's really plays at a really high level and and eliminated one of the big question marks right going into the season only what was it well I think you want to answer that question very very well yeah boy yeah it was again I saw you you talk to him but right after the game there and he just sees a he just seems like a cool customer man he just seems unfazed right now and I think last night maybe even a little more growing and and this is just based on I don't know that clearly you don't that that like what he was doing last night isn't something you just all the sudden discovered obviously it's there the talent is there he's got the chops and that was as good a performance of we've seen from Bob as far as what your listed last night especially when you consider the team and the people who are coming out of all night rolled out about and that's a really good way to characterize it through the first two periods Aliso basket at night job and they've also got a great second line which is centered bikers that soft yes you J. Oshie on that line yes Sir could run on that one Backstrom is the back in the lineup for for about a week or so so you're talking about a team that has five or six guys with four points then the blue jackets leading scorer that is really quite a lot of fire power coming at your school to someone last night all and I think and it's not because the guy asking me in posted it got to be almost personal between him and and that's good right Michael veterans like I would this guy was there with this guy yeah Jana stood tall on every shot he thinks it was really really fun to watch and really encouraging for the future of that goal tending position with the blue jackets no doubt about it second time only so far drops the gloves last year and I'm telling you man it was offer that goon Wilson and and him but basically what he Louis left is free to you he was he that that check was not a check that was a dirty shot in any more on that going on right now Meryl they'll be no trouble dental discipline for Tom Wilson even though he's left it like that and in even towards called after games like that needless yet yeah well why you with what you would do that at that point the game the game is already sealed up but yes savvy yeah I was talking about the are there some the game of life if you have a fight I can't remember him ever having a fight it won't be hold a third period there was his second time NHL fight he didn't even look like a fighter because he's not a fighter but the fact that he went back after Wilson after that cheap shot it was a really good side it builds a lot terms of team unity that kind of thing right in the sense of art is a big dude so he's gone Hey you know maybe even though he's not he's not a fighter but he's gone Hey pick on somebody a little bit more your own size and I I love it man him stand up like that that was that was really cool to actually see that and you're right I can't believe they're not going to do nothing's going to come down for Wilson especially when it's needless and clearly was frustration man they they're just they're helpless they're like why can't we can score on these guys it was making him crazy and it's not just core be I mean everybody is in the right place sticks in the right place I mean more deflecting were you know re direct I mean it was it was just crazy was the perfect storm last night yeah it much like the game a week prior in Washington there six were good there they were playing on their toes they scored only court made that stand up until they could add a little bit of insurance in the third period it was just all on one hand it make you say wow these guys are really played a great game on the other hand why don't you like this on more nights why do we have to suffer through games like we saw in Pittsburgh and to a certain extent an audible work they were facing at the pleaded team and could not score how does happen so I'm sure it's a little bit frustrating for the coaching staff as well but there's still time they they've got themselves we had a late fall will be here plays but there is still time they have to win tonight are you in our testing about this early but they have to win tonight or completely deflate what happened last night right when they got to come back Thursday and beat the kings way and get some momentum going here because I've got some games that should be what about games between now and Christmas thank god some guys who were called up last night too and will they be starting again tonight I would imagine well the good news about tonight is the best news is as accurate he comes back a week and a half earlier than anybody expected wow that's awesome he's going to come back in the lineup he's a Detroit kid obviously grew up rooting for the red wings that that was a one hundred percent blue jacket that'll really really be a nice addition especially with some of these injured injuries that they suffered in the in the Ottawa so yeah but you know listen you had that Kevin Stedman called up and Marco dental cold up with those guys well is there a work on the fourth one you have Eric Robinson who still learning the NHL game score a big goal last night off a great feat from Alexander text yearly towards talks about developing players these are young players who are developing right before our eyes and people like that I don't wanna you're developing other one who developing a what is your playoff push and all that kind of stuff but I think we're seeing a mix of it right now it's still hoping that they can make a push for a playoff spot and also developing some of these guys look at the stars of the of the blue jackets future well Elvis in that tonight hopefully he can get his first NHL win I know Corby needs the rest and you know hopefully if there's a time to actually play him I guess that would be versus the red wings but boy you know I I guess on any given night right yeah I'm not sure that's a hundred percent walk you know one of the people have assume dealt with the net but all this was skating this morning he was one of only two guys to skate the this morning he had called her wits and generally what a goaltender states in the morning he doesn't play that night so I think maybe it could be over but I'm only we but convinced but I'm it could be fifty fifty at this point from the starts and that's a nine nine coal that's all we'll be watching tonight for you obviously on Fox Sports Ohio what puck drops at seven correct I

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