'The blob,' food supply squeeze to blame for largest seabird die-off


The unexpected death of a million Pacific Ocean birds apparently researchers at the university of Washington say you can blame it on the blob como score one heck explains from twenty fifteen to twenty sixteen scientists know why thousands of small water fowl called the common murder or washing up dead on ocean beaches from California to Alaska wildlife biologist Dr John pie it tells KGW news this much was clear majority of these birds regardless of where they came out they were starving they had they were very at Macy's now researchers at the university of Washington and the U. S. Geological Survey have published a paper blaming the blob the patch of the Pacific a thousand miles long and three hundred feet deep inexplicably up to eleven degrees warmer than the surrounding ocean the new research says the warmer water killed the small fish the common murder and other sea birds feed on since the twenty fifteen die off the Merv population has recovered and the blonde has broken up but now scientists say a new Pacific blob is beginning for when news

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