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Weird as that sort sort of thing was because again they weren't promoting this APS five launch. reveal or anything like that. We got the logo but we did also get a small graphic that said playstation five hardware features and estranged is almost all these horror features were first introduced to us via playstation blog posts or via wired interviews or things of that nature. This is the first time place. Kinda like put these things out there and I wanted to run down them and we can go a little bit more into detail. But these are the official confirmed hardware features that they're really banking on so one is three D audio sound. Another haptic slash adaptive triggers for the new dual shock. Whatever it may be called? An ultra high-speed st allstate. Drive that will essentially be helping. Empower Your Games hardware based Ray tracing so ray. Tracing built into the system as well as ultra HD BLU ray which will finally give it comparability which the PS four pro does not have with a one act so you will be able to play just A. We aren't capable yeah. I didn't realize that when I bought a piece for pro and my girlfriend I bought like four four. Hd Lures with Kelly. Just wash in terms of being like a dedicated Media Player that ps four definitely took a step to the side from previous playstations and in terms of having that front front and center. I WANNA say they dropped the ball. But it's definitely been like there was a while ago you couldn't run certain files off a USB stick everyone's parents-in-law during the playstation three era head of playstation three. Because it was the media thing it was on the affordable media's same with two synonymous with. DVD's yeah so so of those features and there's one big one that I want to tack onto there that we can talk a little bit because it's a bit undefined but of those hardware features like what grabs your attention. What do you what excites you about the system? What do you feel like you need to hear more about to really get the scope up? I liked the haptic feedback thing because I feel like The controllers from what we've seen through official sources on the Xbox side and leaks on the playstation side. Feel mostly iterative like they feel like the the five dual shock five. Whatever we're calling it right now just kind of looks like a like a dual four? After Christmas break like it's kind of CIANCI a little thick one of those heavy horses with short like a little Sebastian of the Thomas. The tank engine was stopped talking about horses. Horses no looks like a thick cost. Yeah we haven't releasing the back of it yet. I know you just really sat back button so those are coming out at the end of the month. Okay that comes out at the end of the month and there was a recent patent for the dual shock five that essentially implied there would be back buttons which are similar to what the xbox one elite controller has what some other pro controllers have. Yeah so if it's structurally similar to the dual talk for that Even if it's a little horse here chunkier but I do want to like dig in more the sort of bells and whistles that bells and whistles that's gimmicky that's horse. Nonsense horsing around of all these things like these are things that will matter like a higher faster. Hard drive is great Ray tracing tracing sounds cool don't understand it ultra HD. Blu Ray cool. I don't have to switch to my xbox one s three sound cool great. That's so that's so corny. That is totally like rear touchscreen. Vida stuff and I'm here for Italy. It's the kind of thing that I feel like almost like I not every game. We'll take advantage of radio but I feel like almost every game. We'll try to implement something to haptic feedback launch. Your as long as it's going to totally go away you're going to be like it'd be less the lightbulb right by media molecule release a small game three years. That is the best. Use those things you've ever had. We'll be called sky touch or it won't use the screen. It'll just be three D audio and get yourself out of the jail cell pitch black. Actually the blindfold. I'm genuinely interested in the ray tracing stuff it just because I think that that is going to be the most immediate. Oh my God this is next Gen when we when when when we see it probably taken advantage of. I've read a bunch. The pieces deep diving into what playstation five ray. Tracing could actually look like an obviously I think if they want to maintain a price point that is competitive. It is an affordable for a pissing on average salary It's not going to be as advanced to say some. PC's as can can achieve nowadays. But like I really like the idea of of of it being immediately more beautiful again being immediately mmediately beautiful then you then you could see the PS four and Li- like for me. It's just little things like Oh God you know it's like Armand decided not to the original dishonored you could see wretched odors and the vision. You couldn't see it in the council vision and I sort of like. That's the sort of thing that we can notice. And I think that's going to actually be a big selling point for me that it's just going to immediately look prettier. The technology again. The technology is like the way that the playstation and possibly implementing this kind of short circuits my brain but I. I do think that that is going to be the thing that people are going to immediately noticed right now. What was it was the first? PS Four game that you remember being like Oh it's here now because like I feel like launch stuff stuff. It's so close to pre tailend previous stuff that you're like looks nicer. But it's nothing horizon aired on. Okay okay I was going to say uncharted for before. That prop I mean there was. There was some there was some like pan over stuff in kill zone where I was like. Yeah Wow. That's that's a stunning environment Running Yup coast some of the textures in that game and being like okay. That looks really good In retrospect they they look they look good. They look fine scraping opposite. Yeah it always happens when here's sort of chasing that but yeah I'm totally with you guys on this. I think it like I would really love if there's a couple of things that just like genuinely wow out of the box. Yeah and more importantly if devs working on. Ps Four exclusives for Twenty Twenty start quietly implementing some of the stuff under the hood. That is there when we played backwards compatible games on day one and there's a giant patch with it makes immediately the last of US look even better and such. That's even that's even more interesting. If the if the leaves ghosted Sushila can look better right if that's even possible. Yeah they're very good looking leaves. You've done a great job Andrew for me personally. The ultra high-speed. SSD AGAIN A lot. All of these things are more like tech Germany. And I think when we get to the PS five reveal and the way things are going to be sold to us. We're not gonNA hear half of these things in marketing word. That's why it's hard for me to sort of explain. Yeah excited for Ray tracing because I don't really understand how it would but I know what it could potentially sue and that's the salt dry for me in the showed that in a sort of like behind closed doors demonstration and to wired and then that video leaked but essentially the the load times in the way the world will load is so dramatically. Faster her because this is a sort of custom built drive. That's going to be interacting with the Games in a different way and so that will allow they showed I think the difference from the PS four Spiderman and then spiderman running on the PS five hardware was like a six second difference from like seconds down to one point

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