‘Ugly Betty’ Executive Producer Silvio Horta Dies at 45


I remember watching this show Silvio Horta. He directed did Rhone worked with the production team on ugly Betty. The early two thousand show. He was found dead this morning in his Miami Florida apartment the causes unknown and he was forty five years old forty five and he had a past with he had a history with addiction drug addiction Of course I I don't WanNa say of course but you know it's a dime a dozen in the industry and so ugly buddy. He Ugly Betty Creator Creator. He's he was found dead this morning. he put America Ferrera on the map while she was in between recording and filming filming. The sisterhood of the traveling pants movies. Which is coming back? I think they've officially announced the final movie. And so he put her on the map and Michael Yeary. He put on the map. Who recently a couple years ago? Start in a one man show on Broadway and funny enough went to my school.

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