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I like to welcome the show Zach best from Boston. Who has come to talk to us about Switzerland Zach? Welcome to the show. Thank you very much. That's for having me and before we get started. What is your connection with Switzerland? I I went to Switzerland in the summer of two thousand eighteen with the biology undergraduate summer school and that was at the University of Zurich. I want there to do research a issue for the summer and that I really I fell in love with country with Zirk and I decided to look for another program to go back in the summer of Twenty nineteen and I applied for the thinks with scholarship. I should and with that. I went back to the University of Zurich again. Right did immunology research for the summer. Very cool in. Why should someone on travel to Switzerland so I will say that Switzerland is beautiful? But there's a lot of places in the world that are beautiful so I think there's a few additional things that make Switzerland a very good destination to go to for And that is. It's a very small country. which makes it so that there's a very high density of locations to get to and it's very easy to get to all of them not just because there's a lot in their close together but because there's a lot of infrastructure in terms of trains and buses Nelson Cable car is to get too high up in the mountains even if you're not someone who hikes all the time you can still get to that a top the mountain view and then also it's very safe and while the main language is an English and I don't speak any German under French Italian I was able to refine with Dhaka or bt and asking people to speak in English? So I would say hey. Those are the reasons you should go there on vacation. Excellent and what kind of tenor are you recommending for us. Today I've played a little itinerary. Three of what. If you wanted to tour around the center of Switzerland's so this will go from Zurich to Lucerne to the interlocken region and to burn and I'll talk about day trips from each location so Salang mountains because primarily what I did there on. The weekends was hiking. So we're not going to talk about about necessarily in the matterhorn but stuff. That is more in the center of the country so that you could probably do it in one trip and easier and simpler fashion excellent. So you're starting us in Zurich. I'm assuming better plane connections there then promptly anywhere else in the country yes exactly start off with flying into Zirk Irk. And then I'll say that order. This itinerary doesn't really matter so you could go from Zurich Bern interlocking where he can go from Zurich Lucerne earn or. You could even do this as day trips from Zurich which for me. I was only traveling on the weekends because I had to do research in the lab during the week right and so all of my traveling leveling was as day trips which can get hectic it can lead to a long day but it's totally possible with the trains and you can definitely fit in in fact the second time I was there in summer two thousand nineteen. My mom can stay with me for a week and we saw the country by doing day trips from Zurich and went to a lot of these places in that way so really. What works best for you in terms of you find a great hotel deal for week certain area you can go there in still all these destinations from that point instead of having to do it in the loop that I'm gonNA lay up but to walk you through it in a manner that maybe makes sense mentally? I'll go from Zurich Eric Wizard interlocking.

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