The Last Pre-Iowa Debate - burst 1


Hello and welcome to this late night debate night. fivethirtyeight gate politics podcast. I'm gala droop. Tonight was the last Democratic primary debate before the Iowa caucuses and candidates debated topics like foreign policy towards Iran and whether a woman can win the twenty twenty election. So let's talk about how it all went down and here with me to do that. Are Editor in chief nate silver. How's IT GOIN'? It's going good. All of us are quite sick in different ways. The Russians hacking five. I guess it's a little live. Like Bernie Sanders or something but like but yeah. We're doing the best. We can swipe on the short side. This episode we're all in different forms of sickness at the moment so bear with us Malone senior politics writer. Harry I'm good. I love this this impromptu meditation Asian and the fragility of human beings. I'm sorry you're both feeling sick. I don't get sick very often. I forget how awful it is to be sick. It is terrible. Maybe sound more normal than you do but I had food poisoning which was really something to overcome this afternoon so in any case. Okay so let's get to it. What were your top line takeaways from? Tonight's debate let's start with you. Client we'll to be honest. It was it was mostly kind of like a snooze Ville Debate I guess the probably the big the big thing that will be played in on on cable and we'll be headlined is kind of the the the direct confrontation if we can call it that between Sanders and war and over the idea of Canada woman be president and it kind of you know it was interesting for a little bit but then kind of things moved away. I guess we did do a lot of talking about foreign policy. At the top of the debate. And Sater's tried to differentiate himself from Biden. Say as a non interventionist kind of candidate candidate but overall I didn't necessarily think it moved. It will necessarily move the needle for any one person in which I know. Sounds like a typical fivethirtyeight cop out about. Oh you gotta see the data. But I don't know it didn't. It didn't really particularly strike me as anyone's night in particular. Yeah I WANNA get to your takeaways. But why do you think there wasn't more conflict. I mean the media incentive to frame the debate as oh. It's going to be a big one but it really. They didn't seem to go after each other in very direct ways. It's a bit weird. That Biden has been the front runner in the polls national polls. Anyway throughout right and you know except for Kamla Harris and Cory Booker. Hasn't taken that much incoming fire from like the the other top four candidates are the top three apart from Biden right. And you know even tonight the discrimi- were fairly cordial will. I don't know I mean I think it was like the conventional wisdom that like that like. Oh you are hurt if you buy. And people can the executive Kamala Harris as well. I don't know about that. We talked about on this show. Before where Kamala Harris like wait from like six percent to eighteen percent and fell back down to twelve percent. Okay it's bad right. She's still rose net positive relative to not checking Biden. So but anyway yeah. It's like the last real opportunity to take it kind of biding before. Well I would maybe is not his most important state. Maybe it's softer liner. Something and key people did not really take advantage of it. Yeah so what ended up being your takeaway given the lack of conflict. I mean I think there are three ways to read it One is to say. Hey look it was a little bit anticlimax. The debate the moderation was not that sharp.

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