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Where you cannot live on. It was so depressing. If we gonna not do anything and just is keep living like you know. It's it's death it's slow death slowdowns or suicide because you're giving up online. My parents we decided. Become part of the underground you know what if you can remember. What was the pivotal thing that happened that when you really felt like you were you were definitely going to leave or or had that piece inside yourself about this the that inside of myself? Well I remember I was alone at home and an underground person on the ground came to visit. Who's now the mayor or was the mayor of my town? I know a lot of people in politics through this time. And he came and he said. We're going to go on the streets on Monday and I was like. What are you kidding me? Yeah he said we need to make banners so get ready getting on the streets on Monday and I will say Oh my God this is going to be the real visibility you know and I speaking stance making a stand and being visible about what you want to create new life in the freedom that you WanNa have. Actually that is so scary is powerful very powerful. One of the most powerful moments for us was that moment when we decided to gone to the streets so we would actually meet every Monday and churches because on church grounds who couldn't get arrested Outside church grounds you would get arrested but in in the church itself. They couldn't come in and arrest you. It was private grounds only private grounds. Communism was church crowns so so every Monday night at six we would meet an hour dome a huge church that we went to and the people came one more you know more and more people came every every Monday night and and we decided to go onto the streets and it was really scary because there were people there who are ready to shoot us and there was the freedom of walking down the street showing up off freedom and that was a really big moment where you had to decide. You know. We're we're going to go down your life in your hands yet. Did you. At all have any experience of having to to witness any deaths in in front of yourself in front of your own. I know the great thing is the whole revolution. When without a death? o- torture here and there. Some people got you know arrested but oh good they do you know. That's a blessing. Yeah you know. And there were lots of people Political prison you know who got caught in taken. Yeah but no death those key shot mother. Teresa would love this you know and we were prepared for anything but it was this This incredible gift. That was that's that's great. No one died and no one can show it. Just got better from that point when you finally made the the decision to go on the streets and make that that stance what's that it then it it just started perpetuating and of course the first time we did. It was very very quiet because we made a decision not to say a word not to do anything. Just do it. We would just walk the streets and see what happened. How many people showed up the first a couple hundred maybe just started? I mean and it was happening in all different cities. Oh Okay Okay and then the next Monday more people came. Yeah and then more people came they came and then in Berlin movement it became this huge movement. Yes we had a lot of people in Berlin November four and five five days later the wall came down just like wow you know and thank you for being part of that. Because that's part the freedom of our humanity. Oh well getting back to the subject is I mean. I know that you have a lot to to contribute in this subject is how were you taught around money and especially coming originally from Berlin. How are you taught how parents or caregivers your teachers? How did they teach you about money in value in etc.? Yeah interesting thing was that I grew up. Didn't matter how much money had there was nothing to buy so it wasn't a it wasn't it didn't matter because by anyway. No Ho. That's an interesting concept. You went to the store. There was nothing there you in you know in here. We have so many choices. It's the opposite yes. It was a really interesting moment for me when the Wall came down and all this consumerism came in and the choices you had you know next over twenty kinds of toothpaste. Well how do you choose that when you grow up with one. Tom And why interesting part of that things can cost cost a different amount in different stores but but it could be the same thing. I didn't grow up. It was a huge moment. I was buying some pickles myself to this one woman. Why is why the pickles in this store store more expensive than the other? I didn't get the concept right. There's no there's this freedom of price anything said here was that actually I enjoy draft was in Germany walking down. Oh Yeah it was interesting to shift your mentality around it because you weren't raised being materialistic no not at all. While we knew that on the West there was this freedom and that was all these incredible products and the people smell delicious. Che's said all these colorful sayings in our it was like this own. My God. This is incredible and for us is more very very gray. World World Gray Wolf. There was not much color and you know to the defense of of the way you were raised. Actually you know our society Eddie has gone way too much the other way and being too materialistic and you know it's it's gone way too far and it isn't just here it's all over the world but so nope To spirituality what spiritual principles mean to you around money the US. Well I think my spiritual thinking about money is that it's it's an energy exchange right. Yes I mean that's probably what you're teaching yes. Is this incredible thing. I do something and I'm going to get compensated from you. Inform of money so there's exchange of energy that happens for people and and there's a lot of issues with that because a lot of people have issues receiving right so seizing money is a big thing for people are not sabotaging the receiving you know or in. What do you mean by that? Well when I say that for example I worked with a lot of women entrepreneurs so how they You know price themselves lower than they should instead of raising the prices. They're worried about you. Know charging too much or you know sabotaging stale meaning in the sense of they talk the client out of the services that they have a product. That happens a lot you you know and or not following up or you know being do. Do you think that that has anything to do. With a woman's in especially today of course a women not owning her total empowerment as as a as a human being as a spiritual a person on this planet do you think. Do you think it has anything to do with a while. It's a lot how it was modelled by her mother and her graduate safe. You talk about how you know. It's all starts from our caregivers are original care. Yeah and how how successful unsuccessful that was how painful aw or successful you know how wonderful it was and that's how it's being or how we are being treated as a woman and we haven't about women's history. We in the beginning of the century were allowed to vote. Yes right yes I mean. There were a lot of things that are still. The pay is still not quite the same. No it's not you know in certain positions are still not filled and women and we still don't have a women president but we don't share Germany. We have one son. But I'm just saying you know. There is very very little role models. They are role models sped. It's not equally there yet. So it's also this the sad part of Women and also working against each other instead of cooperating. You know the pitch other and it's the pressure of trying to survive you know as a mom As a as a caregiver to the family because women always take care of everyone. You know the pressures of that that you can think well especially around money you know when you have to pay for health insurance and education and all those things that are actually just trying to that are the basis basic needs off if your survival run when you can't think while about that about money or this constant worry that people have especially women because they are the source of you know taking care of everyone supporting everyone not that. I'm not saying men don't do. We hope you enjoyed today's episode of wealth. Transformation we encourage you to apply the information you've learned with our wise guests to make your life better and make good changes. We appreciate you more than you know for being a part of our podcast when you were moved or motivated please let this know how the show influenced your life. I E mailing at Dr Cheryl Dot Wealth Transformation at g mail DOT COM for a free consultation with Dr Cheryl to see how she can benefit you. 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