Dak Prescott’s contract is Cowboys’ “No. 1 priority” in offseason


Dallas Cowboys have a new coach and have a quarterback today very much would like to keep his contract expires in March the haze in the barn he last played a game in late December week seventeen they didn't make it to the playoffs the rookie contract is over the injury risk has been fully and completely carried by dak Prescott that injury risk now ships over the cowboys and it will be part of the contracted that Prescott eventually gets and the more Jerry Jones and or Stephen Jones talk about the situation the more I realize that they have allowed themselves to be put over a barrel the likes of which we haven't seen since Joe Flacco became the Superbowl forty seven M. V. P. seven years ago it's been urgent for us Stephen Jones said Tuesday we certainly want to get that done that's our number one priority is to go to the off season is to hopefully find some resolution to it and get that done okay that's fine good do it it's not gonna be cheap here's why the contract is now based on the franchise tax and the franchise tag is in the neighborhood of twenty six million a year or at least twenty six million for this year and then it goes up by twenty percent for the next year and if the cowboys were to tag dak Prescott a third time it goes up forty four percent and that's the non exclusive franchise taxi the first decision they have to make is whether to use the non exclusive tag which would expose Prescott to an offer sheet that could be extended to him by another team and the cowboys would have five days to match and if they don't match it Prescott goes to a new team and the cowboys get two first round draft picks as compensation now would someone offer dak Prescott top of the market money and give up a pair of first round picks to get him good question there are more free agent quarterbacks than usual who are available in this cycle which would make a team less inclined to give huge money and two first round picks to get dak Prescott but you really don't know what other coaches think of a god because they have no reason to come out and tell us what a bill Belichick loves what about check decides he's our future that we can coach this guy into the kind of quarterback we had to deal with over the years and we haven't dealt with well the guy was some mobility a guy who can throw well on the run a guy who is always there always healthy when Tom Brady missed four games in twenty sixteen as the deflate gate suspension finally kicked in Jimmy Garoppolo got injured just over percent got injured Brady hasn't been injured since Bernard Pollard him low week one of the two thousand eight season and tore his ACL we take that for granted teams don't you need your quarterback there every week in Prescott for years hasn't missed a

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