Returning A Family Treasure

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Back to kind world I'm Andrea and I'm yes Namur Andrea you left on a cliffhanger but here's a quick summary of what happened so far jim finds old. VHS tape type featuring baby's first steps then. He makes a short video asking friends followers to help him find the family in the video. And then there's video just totally blows up. It's it's all over the news all over the Internet social media and then two days after the post he gets a message from someone claiming to be the baby taking his first steps in the video you exactly and it turns out the baby in the video is named tyree Alexander. He's twenty six years old and he also lives in Austin Texas where he's an educator and an aspiring director. Here's tyree I was actually out hanging out with a group of friends and my mom called me and said that there was a video on the news of me walking as baby and you know I I would kinda loud where I was of. And and so she was like essentially screen shots so we got off the phone. I look at the screen shots ensure enough. There's a video of me with a whole bunch of Afro puffs. Awesome my head walking in the diaper across the screen. So was his mom who told him what was going on. Yup apparently tirees mom was watching watching something on TV. She ended up switching to a channel. That just happened to be playing a story on the video so she recognized the room where the video was shot and then realized it was her family on the screen that night tyree and his friends were bar hopping and everywhere they went people. Were talking about the whole movie and every time like we hear talk about video my friends would be like. It's him right here. It's number here and they're like no way. We actually ended up talking to the COPS. Akasha like that's you. You're the baby on the video. Yeah we were just talking about that. You know so literally. Everybody but me knew that I was on the news and that there's video even existed. I can't even imagine news travels so fast Andrea was jim able to give tyree the tape. He did the to actually met for the first time on live TV. They were on the today show. Can we make something happen right now. You have not met tyrel spoken. He knows about you. He knows about the tape. Do you want Academy face-to-face tyree. Come on out me gem her there oh I mean talk about surreal. That was everything. This guy is actually an amazing person. He works with kids. He's mentors doing all kinds of great things in his life. You know one of the main things I felt was his state of shock. She's Oh he was so much shock. Tuck that his plan worked and And so meeting him definitely helped to see that you know his intentions really were to just give me the tape and he got the job up done since then. Jim Entire Story has been on local and national media but what has mattered. The most tyree has been the content of the tape. Hey you know that's a very heart warming loving video it's like oh my gosh look finally got to see my first steps. Because I've taken so many more I steps in life and I just love that I was able to see myself aw get back up

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