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Are ready. Let's do it. Welcome to the frame Oscar special from KPCC in Los Angeles. Welcome to the one million breath and the Oscar goes to and the Oscar goes to and the Oscar goes to get anybody. I'M GONNA find you're GONNA give you. Massive snow snowed. Everybody who bought a ticket told somebody to buy a ticket. Thank you I love you if I may be so honored to have all all the female nominees and every category stand with me in this room tonight the actors Maryland you do it everybody else will come on all right all right all right. I'm John Horn host to the frame and joining me is Jacqueline coli editor at Ron Tomatoes Jacqueline. Thanks for being with us. Thanks for having me John so I know we're only a couple seconds in certified fresh so far. I think you're doing great. You're certified fresh and honestly I would say all the best picture nominees are also pretty awesome. It's probably the highest average on the tomato meter of best picture nominees. We've had in a while so I'm excited to talk about these phones. So let's start with probably the top story. I think of this year's Oscar race twenty acting nominees. One person of Color Cynthia Revo who stars as Surrey Tubman and Harriet. Yeah I'M NOT GONNA lie was extremely disappointed. When I watched each array and John Show read out the nominees few weeks ago? But I wasn't surprised actually just wrote an an article rotten tomatoes discussing this when you talk about the ninety two years of the history of the academy. There's only been thirty. Five Black Women nominated and twenty one of them have been for playing a slave a maid or woman in abject poverty it is an alarming and slightly depressing trend. I would say in the academy's Tastes And when you have performances from Octavia. CBS Spencer and loose Alfre woodard clemency. Jaylo in four inch heels giving us all she could for Hustler's and Aquafina further for well. It's really really alarming for you to say to yourself that this is where we are at the state of the academy. I'm going to hope that this year. We can have parasite as a moment if it wins. Best picture that we can say. We're moving forward. But again Cynthia being the only nominee it's It's a bit depressing parasite. I think has a legitimate chance to win the best picture. Oscar Oscar Think Bong Jun ho who directed and Co wrote. It could win director as well if it wins. The top prize the first foreign language movie in Academy History to take that prize. That is important in its own right regardless of the fact that none of its actors were nominated for performing in it. Yeah and it's also again a trend unfortunately with the academy there have been six previous best picture. Nominations from Asian cinema where none of the actors were honored with an acting nomination and unfortunately parasite kept with that trend this year here however We keep a track at our wars leaderboard and rotten tomatoes dot com of all of the winds of all of the films that are in the conversation and parasite has dominated with over a hundred in twenty five wins and to give you sort of a relative idea. The next winds is at seventy one. So parasite has been dominating with critics groups and with these these various guilds so it's poised to maybe take home the top prize but it really depends on the academy's taste and what those nine thousand members feel about the film later in the show. We're GONNA talk talk about the best picture race. We're also going to hear from some of the directors of some of the best picture nominees including Greta. Gerwig made little women was not nominated for best director. Sam Mendes from one thousand nine hundred seventeen and Bon John Hoult from parasite. But we'll start this Oscar party with some leading actresses three of the five nominees in this category had add the particular challenge of playing real people on Screen Cynthia Rio sharply staring and Renee Zellweger. Who Plays Judy Garland in Judy Yukon? There's an audience other ways. It hears you sing my mouth driving. It was judy takes place in the late. One thousand nine hundred sixty judy. Garland's career is floundering. She's struggling with sobriety. She goes to England perform at a London nightclub and Joplin one thing that surprised me. was that renee. Zellweger wasn't convinced that she could actually pull off as part. I wish I think is so crazy. That's Texas girls for you as a Texas girl I can say we're like deprecating on our talent and always like underestimate ourselves but she absolutely murdered murdered this role I remember. I woke up right in early at the tyrod film festival to watch. Her sort of embody. Judy Garland for this role and it was so I would say mesmerizing.

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