Glory Ali: Why Muslim Travel Rocks


Runs Muslim slim travel rocks. which is the name we stole the title of this episode Thanks Glory? It's the thought that among other things. She's Muslim family friendly destinations with Muslim friendly services. Mrs And accommodation flurry says you don't have to compromise your faith when you're exploring the world so let's find out wanting spider to launch the site so Muslim Tara walks walks is a blog that I created to encourage and motivate Muslims to travel the world. And you know some people. Ask Me why. Muslims need to be encouraged or inspired to travel the world world. And what I will say to them was Muslims. We have specific faith. Bates needs that. Need to be met so that we can travel and still follow our faith and at the same time it can be challenging when it comes to traveling so I created this website in this space where Muslims can get information of where they can go a eddie destinations. They want to go to where they pray where they can have a good Hallam meal and just enjoy Muslim friendly activities at any destination. You know it's hostile hostile to show up on a non Muslim destination and be greeted with Muslim friendly services than accommodations throughout the world. Is that increasing. Do you think. Glory absolutely one hundred percents I don't even example. So mustn't travelers people ask. Walt what's a difficult genus travels in wasn't travels for the same reason as any any other tourists more than fifty percent of them listen. Travelers travel with their families. They stay longer and spend more and there's also a rise of the solo female traveller which is becoming very popular Muslim. Women have a strong influence when planning a trip a Muslim travelers are one of the largest visited visited markets to the United States but few brands market to them And just to give you idea of how big this travel sectors in two thousand sixteen was is estimated. There was a hundred and twenty. One million mustn't travelers that spend one hundred and forty five billion dollars. It's expected to grow to a hundred and fifty six million travelers spending two hundred and twenty billion dollars. So there's a real confidence in that sector absolutely and it's growing in a lot of anonymous destinations are starting to markets and most travelers for those reasons that I stated before were a lot of the families. These are Muslims family child within families but are not dumping this question on you because I sent it to you willing to consider but I was recently contacted by an Indonesian woman. Who wanted to travel but there was now president within her family? She scared she didn't wait. A stops a center linked to your your cy obviously and she wants to be an inspiration to her children so that they can go off say the world and she wants to do it on her own. As Sir you said Solar women trouble and Solo Muslim famous chapel is on the rise. So what. What advice would you offer her? Well you know. This can be a little controversy the in Assam and I know some friends that I have will not travel without a husband or brother because his Lamad said that you should not travel without a male Guardian Ardian however that was back in the time of Jesus in the prophets and of course you know. The women didn't work and Sunday. The menu is the main supporter of the households of anything happens what you know who would support them But now that's all change and it's pretty safe now to to travel anywhere that you want to go but it's also with in the family so it's up to each individual you know. Luckily for me you know I told my husband. Hey I'm going traveling Over here he's a guy right just as long as I can contact you were good. There's no issues But I also do have younger friends in their twenties who want to travel and their parents give them a hard time because an Islamic woman's aren't supposed to travel by themselves and they're like mom but you know it's a new era and you time we can travel were safe so sometimes they'll come to me and ask me for advice and usually my advice to them. Is You know let your parents know. Tell them this is what I'm going to. You have a plan ahead of time. Make them feel comfortable. I'm going to be at this hotel. Aren't going to be at this fronts house I'm GonNa call you in such and such time And just make them feel comfortable in the more comfortable they feel and see that you are responsible young woman than the last their hesitate so there are lots of challenges. You've got convince your family. You've got to be true to your face. So what are some of the misconceptions both on the part of Muslims in on the pot of non Muslims in the in the travel industry industry. Yeah so so. One of the things we're talking about with women cannot travel alone which is not true. A lot of women travel alone. I travel alone. I'm married but I do a lot of Solo traveling And it's like I was as just to each individual person. So if you want to travel if you're willing to travel with your children I think it's a wonderful idea because I did the same with I children. I made sure that my kids went on. BE -cations every year even if it was a road trip and one of the major reasons. Why did that is because to me? Traveling allows the children to learn much more than skin potentially offer them and traveling abroad particularly helps improve positive character developments and the individual the identity as a towns are able to immerse themselves in other cultures unlike their familiar surroundings so for the one of your audience members and in much before that wants to inspire children. I would say my tips to her is no travel with the kids. Offer that opportunity for them to experience appearance different cultures and societies foods. Maybe they can pick up a different language Also I would set them up with play dates for children from different for backgrounds on. That's a good start even fair just at home set up the play dates with different from different backgrounds. So them when you're able to travel to any even even if you travel within the United States the United States is huge and even she go to stay. It's a it's a different culture. Even our languages is a little bit different. The view is different. You can go to the data we can go to the beach. We can go to the mountains. It's very diverse. Be here so I would always say that you want to like set our plates interact with other children from different cultures. You give your children books that they read regarding The Code Cultural Books Right. I would also try different foods. I used to do that with my kids. I take them out to eat different foods. And 'cause I realized early on with my children that every time we went out wanted chicken nuggets in French fries and I was like. You've got to be kidding me. I'm not taking you to this restaurant and you're going to have chicken nuggets and French fries like just is. Try this the like mom ill. That's green I don't WANNA try. I'm like no no no tell me you don't like it after you tasted it so that todd they started taste in different foods at now. You know they love diff- Larry's a film which is great so we know we all want our children to grow up in a world free from bias in discriminations and we want them to reach the dreams and feel that whatever they want to accomplish in life is hospital so we want them to feel loved and included a never experienced the pain rejection exclusion. But the reality is that we do live in the world in which racism and other forms of vice continues to affect us so discrimination Hertzen. We scars that can last a lifetime affecting goals ambitions like choices and feeling of softwares. So how can we best prepare our children to meet their. The challenges of reap the benefits an increasingly diverse world. Raise these children to celebrate the values diversity and to be proud of their culture so as the the Muslim travel sector grows. And you're very excited about that. I you noticing that there is less kind of attitude toward Muslims as individuals. Yes there is an auto you one thing. When when I first started travel bloggers started during the presidential election here in the United States I don't know if you know about my my background stories. When I started the travel blog I actually wanted to do something because I realized that this whole election was trying to separate raid R. Our nation And so I started the truck walks at all what it can do. WanNa walk but I want combat Islamaphobia at the same time. So so what I realized After the presidential election as the Muslim travel band was that you know instead of our country being divided. It's what you hear on the news all the time we actually came together. I mean I have never been more proud to be an American as a day that we had our Muslim travel bans. Went into a fact doc. Because everyone didn't matter what race so many people came out to the Air Force to support the Muslims that were in the air that we're going to be sent back to another country that wasn't bears and so one of the challenges that I faced myself is when I recently just came from Puerto Rico spent a week and a half Hyphen Puerto Rico But I have to be very cautious so when I travel I always have my passport after I have my birth certificate. Not many people travel with the birthday ticket but I have to travel with Nyberg certificate to prove that I'm American citizen because I don't know if I leave the country if I'm going to be allowed to come back in that possible. It should be. It should be but it's but it's not because during the travel ban. Trump was saying that you want any Muslim to go back to their country and I kept saying I am. I am an American. I was born just because I wear a headscarf doesn't mean that contrary I am an American and so the only way that I feel that I can prove something is if I have my birth certificate with me because my passport in this time doesn't really mean

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