US forces on high alert for possible Iranian drone attacks, and intelligence shows Iran moving military equipment


Into ram thirty five people are dead according to C. N. N. from a stampede in crowds gathered to honor the passing of general Qasim so low money a rand Supreme leaders are vowing retaliation and death for Americans following the drone strike that killed so the money Iran's foreign minister you speaking much more diplomatically Iran's foreign minister Javad Zarif in an interview with CNN not talking all that tough about the United States their days in our region our number not because it anyway you take any action against them because they are not welcome all three have to point to is the Iraqi parliament's vote to tell American and coalition forces to leave Iraq it's no secret Iran would like that as it is gained influence over its neighbor politically but the killing of Qasim's only money threatens to push Iraq but the civil war like sectarian fighting which the U. S. help quell after Saddam Hussein was overthrown at a cost of more than four thousand American lives but Constantini the White House U. S. forces in the Middle East are on high alert US forces including patriot missile batteries which can shoot down these drones were on the highest state of readiness throughout the night that they had warning to be extra vigilant extra watch full the window could in fact still be open for these kinds of potential

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