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Busted? Video Of James Corden's Carpool Karaoke Has Fans Questioning Everything


And there's been some great some some really great carpool karaoke I saw Barcelo release a video today thank James Corden it doesn't actually drive in the carpool karaoke is and I was devastated I think James Gordon is one of the more talented media members talk show host that has ever lived I think he's so talented and I we were remembers all those lyrics any drives the car but he's a Paul McCartney baby you good job mock call and he's not actually driving the car his car is up to a truck and the trunk is driving when I found this out today I was devastated and it totally changed my whole thinking now on court okay I'm really upset about this Mike you be were you upset as well I saw that too I'm like this is this is this is a fraud I mean if carpool karaoke you need to be driving the car if you're not driving the car it loses all of the luster you could I mean you can put it in a spaceship you can put it in a closet it has to be in a car that is moving by the man driving the car I lost a little respect for that that whole segment I'm still going to watch it though there was a time I would binge watch that it was really bad I I would binge watch just one after another after another ed Sheeran and the McCartney one was thirty minutes longer he's walking on on Abbey Road and then where he created songs as a kid and just go over and over again you know I I even think who else had those carpool karaoke is there is a a Kelly Clarkson has some great carpool karaoke Chris Martin one is pretty good too from yes dear from Coldplay no yeah it's unpopular is he may be who was the other band maybe you too did one I don't know was a Green Day maybe I don't know I'm I'm definitely off on this one of the the best one though was the Michael boy one where they they got so emotional and and talking about his story with this is child in the illness and all that hi that was it was very emotional and it was it was a great a fifteen minute ride even the one he did with Michelle Obama was fantastic and I find out today that the whole thing is a is a far sure that he he remembers all the lyrics any sayings that he produces all these great moments except he's not actually driving the

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Busted? Video Of James Corden's Carpool Karaoke Has Fans Questioning Everything

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