Zac Efron Is in a 'Serious Relationship' With 'The Orville' Actress Halston Sage


Show Zac Efron has a new relationship or dare I say publications ship done done done done quickly oblation ship is a relationship in service of celebrity what's going on with Zac Efron are former heartthrob an ex boyfriend so much to Bradley so not only is Zac Efron done with his swimmer girlfriend Sarah bro but he's also in a serious relationship with former Disney Channel star Halston sage why why hello first of all how do we know this before we dig into it how do we know that Zac Effron is with an essential oil named Holston set for the phones are oddly things for asking because a sources telling us weekly exclusively okay so that means somebody on Zacks PR team sent us weekly a memo yes and it said thank of get more role thorough full from paper okay so we have to take these words at face value not at face value well in so far as the faces of us weekly which means this is probably coming direct from the celebrity so what are they actually telling us about this relationship well this exclusive sources telling us a lot about this relationship so they're saying that Zac Efron and Halston sage quote or in a serious relationship and in love they spent the holidays together with part of that time in Santa Barbara

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