The Tesla Model Y is sized just right, and this will help it stand tall against rivals - Teslarati


The company's tremendously innovative. It doesn't it takes enormous risks it. It's I forget the new model that they launched last year the more affordable model but that seems to be getting traction the pickup truck inspired this kind of this tesla like wondering that people have come to expect expect. They're not afraid to do things. Incredibly different supposed to their China. Production is coming on action can now. They're producing a thousand cars. A day is so they've hit. They're starting to do something something that they've never done before. And that is actually hit targets. They're famous or not hitting them salute. The company is firing a I would say it's firing on all cylinders if it wasn't an electric car but it's conducting on all Lithium Iodine or whatever. The appropriate analogy is the company's executing congratulations to them glad the the Bulls won. I don't have a position position in the stock but it's interesting seems a little bit more reinvigorated. I mean at one point. He was tweeting from the China factory. And then he was. Somehow it's a SPACEX facility. It was like what are you cloned yourself like. You know it's interesting. He's quite you know I think he's probably emboldened by winning the winning the case and sort of getting himself in line Ryan and so You know he's got a lot of energy that guy. I'll tell you that whether it's it's huge vindication for him because you know the stock's up above where he said he was gonNA take the company opening private when he committed blatant manipulation improved at the. Sec Hell still lacks sack and is not there to protect investors but protect management anyway But it is. There's just snow getting around at Tesla's on fire. I couldn't have been more wrong on that one.

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