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Program affirming league matches over the next seventy two hours. Big Tomorrow Chelsea against also at Stamford Bridge. We focus on Chelsea because it really me has been quite a roller coaster. Franklin pod side over the last few weeks they just can't get any sort of consistency going. Frank Leboeuf let's start with view is a former Chelsea man. How concerned are you with that form of late? I'm not too much concern about the fact that Chelsea he has no consistency Because of what happened last summer the fight it couldn't get any a new player. Franklin pod with a young coach as many young players in the squad. And and of course you're going to find an experience in that in that matter and for me just normal to see after Boxing Day player need to digest the fact that they are to play too many. I need to many games in the short show. Timing so I'm not surprised. A little bit frustrated sometimes especially against Newcastle. They saw the game. And then you say Oh my God. Yeah Yeah they should have done better. Of course he can do better every time better but Nobody could have bet jussie could have been do know fourth Even in January five months ahead of bunches to united and some other clubs. So it's not that bad but consider that you have what joining you you can t willion as very experienced top world players. Otherwise very young gems mount police each Arab labral Doi and some and some other. So it's just normal to suggest strugging little bits at some point but but I think it's stealing from me a positive season and a good season from Franklin pollen the players. Well it depends. I suppose on how it all ends. Isn't it because as much as he's gone gone in good grace considering the start of the season. You're in a position now. Where Really Champions League has to be your goal considering as well? Let's go number on the uniting right and Spurs and also Latin mass which you talked about before you wouldn't talk four. I understand he's done well. But Cohen you need to get over the line. Yeah absolutely it's good to be an optimistic and rightly so but at the same time I think frank of all the manages a thing he'll be the straight one listen asking we're going to need it. A complete rebuild united as we said a way off and I think frank will be frustrated because the losses at the bridge the losses against West Ham Southampton bomber loss loss against Newcastle last week. It's Jones Park. This team could be sitting in second they could be well. Clear and nailed on fought for so frank will probably be for straight because Frank Atlanta's John about it'd be frustrated because you'll be looking what's behind him and it'd be thinking if inconsistent and all of a sudden if spurs or United Wolves can really really good run together we might be then endanger missing out on top four so that will be a real concern. I do happen to find some against at home so a little bit of a contradiction I know but awesome in great form under medical arts. Only one winning five. They look very flaky leaking goals of fun and I think this might be the ideal game for Chelsea. The last thing they would've would've needed was a was a tricky tie against someone that's going to sit in and that's why they've struggled. I need more goals from areas so I think this type again going to come at them actually might suit Chelsea going frank quickly. Yeah just one. To two done of course is frustrating and of course Franklin Paul can be an could have been better but again you know when when you see when we talked we can talk about mentioned saination and we did a lot of time in every shows that we do when you see us and as you said you know. Shrugging you can wonder you know if it's not something positive. Don't forget that Chelsea is still in the Champions League so it means a lot you know with the young and experienced players achieving. What Franken Capote's doing right now is something for me and I think we try to de mean what is doing and what the players doing? And we can't have too much into to team who does well overall doesn't know what is the biggest level. Yeah I think I agree the same time. When you look at the squad's that are going for the top? Four take take months in Liverpool at the equation Chelsea of the best squad. Another young still got in my opinion. The best squad at of all the big teams trying to get in the top four in you mentioned the goalkeeper who's not ungrateful got good defenders. James is a very promising play until you ruediger. That is one of the Best Senator Offs in my opinion the League. Then you go into midfield and we talk about Canton Coverage Georgina. They've got the talent in our no. Franks looking for someone. That's going to score them. Goals Dell's because Williams hasn't got too many to shine. That put a sixteen injured but the looking for more from Hudson adopt more from Pedro who hasn't started to many games so anno- is quite happy with is the front man that he's GonNa bring crust strike or of course but I know that he's looking from goals in a wide area pre in the studio call him Lampert. BFF Traffic Birth Frank. They were talking about we. We've gone too much time. Well I don't Care Chelsea we'll just stay on whether we can move the break then whether we sit here and talk show scar till the coast. Come home until I know the different because the transfer of Baden Lost Eden is odd. But Let let's. It's not cry about all that stuff. We're talking Solska with heads injuries and has job frontline. Pop cannot escape scrutiny. If Chelsea I self destruct and overtaken by this horrible united site or will or maybe even taught them lit run so he can't. We cannot judge and sit here even save source guys not necessarily as a Frank Lampard. Doesn't get them into four from the position. Then I'm afraid and he's going to have to come his way who wins tomorrow. Chelsea Elsie to catch up with more HISLOP's fascinating musings. You can catch all day podcast which is available on the website. Plenty of bonus material there as well

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