2020 State of the Union Address


And welcome to live coverage of president trump state of the union address I'm Evan handing along with White House correspondent Bob Constantini and Capitol Hill correspondent Linda Kenya and Bob this is an address being given by an impeach president expected to be acquitted tomorrow he's heading into an election he faces a sharply divided electorate and Congress and apparently trump made some surprising remarks to news people a private lunch this afternoon any indication as to how Donald Trump is going to address some of the issues before him tonight well certainly of what we're going to have according to the excerpts from the White House that have been released the president will open up with comments about what he's calling the great American comeback Evan and shattering the mentality of decline Phil takes waves that president Obama with us some statistics talk up trade agreements fossil fuel energy production and spending over two trillion dollars on the military there will be a tax on socialism sort of a repeat of what we heard from last year more talk of wall building on the border with Mexico and taking action against terrorism in the Middle East and of course first and foremost the president will be playing up of the economy almost no question about that event the plane up to the hilt the exerts have no mention of impeachment and we may not hear that from the president we understand what Linda has for the mood in the chamber several Democrats say they're not even going to attend tonight's speech that's right they say that they do not wish to honor this president's through the house Democrats impeach and the Senate is the most likely as you say going to acquit tomorrow when they voted for clock eastern time there are ten right now and they include al green of Texas Alexander because you're Cortez of New York on a on a Presley Maxine waters Bennie Thompson Bobby rush Steve Cohen Earl Blumenauer Hank Johnson and Federico we Wilson some of these have personally tangled with president trump and have a have no love lost for the president the United States others also boycotted by the way previous state of the union addresses six house Democrats boycotted last year fourteen boycotted in two thousand eighteen so there's a fair number of people today who will not be there for this speech are any of the senators running for the democratic nomination going to miss this so they were up late last night and then took off straight to New Hampshire I have not heard any of them looking to miss tonight's speech but I guess we're about to find out I can see the president is standing in the doorway right now and he's about to walk into the chamber all rights the president is about to enter and we hear the gavel the president of the United States applause and now the handshake you the long trip to the podium where the president change hands in perhaps points to some of the crowd getting a few pats on the back First Lady Milan your truck is applauding she's sitting next to Rush Limbaugh he has been diagnosed with lung cancer president trump says he will give him the presidential medal of freedom within a few months but he is invited to be at tonight's address well yes you can be there tonight publicize Russell involved well the most prominent danced obviously sitting right next to the First Lady of it a deputy chief of the border patrol and the sister of a man found in field in California nine illegal alien will highlight the president's efforts to build more wall along the southern frontier a little and son of an Army fighter killed by a roadside bomb in your walk with the the White House in the technology for that bomb supplied the militants buy can seem silly money the Iranian general order this estimated by president trump Wally log in to your old Ellie Snyder from Kansas city will be with her mom to highlight her story of being born just be on twenty one with a station in living at the night of course to pro life voters we also have been told the Venezuelan opposition leader one why Joe is going to be there tonight and another of Venezuelan mayor

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