Is Disney Plus one of the biggest launches of all time?

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Launched in November. We've seen a lot of hands of the service was popular last night. Though Disney laid out just how popular in less than three months Disney plus was hit. Twenty eight point six million members. Now I know nothing about streaming so just Joan had just. How big is that really. That's really big like bigger than Netflix. Not Not bigger than Netflix but Netflix has been streaming for a decade. Netflix says at one hundred sixty seven million subscribers so twenty eight point six you got a long way to go still but Disney plus just launch like less than ninety days ago. Okay so in three at that as well. How many how. Many months away already from Disney killing Netflix. That's a really good question. Everyone wants to know that and we don't really know exactly except that we know that Disney is already like so they said it will take them five years to get to like sixty to ninety the only and they're already almost halfway to the lower end of that threshold so they're growing much faster than they thought. They were better than any expectations. The other thing. That's interesting is even though Disney. He plus launched in November got like these millions of subscribers mostly in the US net flicks is still growing in the in the US. The managed in in the midst of all this competition. They didn't grow a lot. People were not real happy with how much they did grow. But you're still adding members even as Disney's vacuuming up all these other people for streaming services. So what's really really hurting is cable. Oh no poor cable giants. I really got to feel it. You know I feel really bad for them. Missile where where's Apple. TV Fin on all this so they launched around the same apple. TV launched on November first and Disney plus launched less than two weeks later. And we don't know like it's apple they don't say how big they are the things that we can kind of cobbled together. We can't even coupled governor any sort of numbers. We can generally generally estimate that they have a lot of subscribers in the sense that they basically gave away apple. TV plus to anybody. That's device since September. Anyone who has a new iphone. Anyone that got you know something under the Christmas tree or for a holiday or a president. Whatever during that holiday shopping season They also were able to just like flip. A switch basically internal probably means they have a lot but that's no not paying them so so what's next like when are we gonNA see Disney. Plus you know maybe have a eleven joining the avengers or something. I don't know if that's going to happen. That would be really interesting crossover but I mean we do know that Disney. Plus it's going to be launching into Europe watching the Europe Europe and India. They're gonNA lodging. Your Evan Indian March. They're going to be expanding. Hulu to international markets markets. Right now who is only in the US. They're going to expand that next year they as in Disney Disney Disney owns who also Ho boy. And then in terms of originals. We know that there's going to be the first marvel original original series that ties into the marvel cinematic universe. That's first one's coming in August. The next season the mandatory ends in October. And then they're gonNA have their second marvel original in December so there's a lot coming up this year all right well next up spotify. It's still in the lead of streaming music services This morning spotify. It has hit one hundred twenty four million subscribers and that twenty twenty two hundred seventy one million people that are listening to spotify total Joan. How's that stack up with competitors like title and Pandora It's funny title isn't really talked about much because no one. It's not really music so Amazon. Music says they have fifty five million people listening that's not necessarily subscribers. Because he Amazon music included they said there are fifty million listeners apple in June so that Apple Apple Music has sixty million and so obviously you know spotify double that number of subscribers not to mention the fact that like it has more than two hundred million people listening every month. It's just it's a lot. It's the biggest subscription music service and the reason that they think that they can become even bigger focusing on podcast today. They said they were going to buy bill. Simmons Ringer like network which is a website for news. But mostly our podcast network at this point. Because you know every single title title's it's actually an interesting example but Pandora Apple Music Amazon music. They all basically have the same catalog staff. Titles the one that has like these exclusives from it's owners but obviously that's not really really working really well for them so spotify thinks that in order to distinguish themselves they need to go after not necessarily music but podcast. Because that's not the Gimblett recently. They've given it last year. They bought anchor last year. They budgeted up to five hundred million dollars to spend on podcast. Acquisitions why does spotify care. So much about podcasts. Listen how much would they like to buy the daily charge they do. You have like five hundred million dollars budget you start the bidding there. They lay podcast because they think that. That's a way to distinguish themselves from everybody else. And you know. It's also going right after apple. PODCASTS are called podcasts because of the I pod like dominated rock for a long time. So it'll be interesting to see as everyone moves over to streaming instead of downloads if spike can eat apples lunch. Well Yeah I've seen that for Apple Apple Music. The the bigger draw for their PODCASTS. Live radio station stuff right because that's what I've been hearing about it because there's news that happens on those Nicki Menaj goes on some rant. Like Travis Scott's baby like on her life podcast hey like Dr. DRE will say something new right there. I mean is that Kinda what spotify is trying to go after radio one. You're talking about radio. One which beats radio and I think I whatever. I can't even remember what it's called but That's it's not part of their subscription. That's like that's something that anyone can listen to inc for free and so it is a way to like drop interest but the main reason apple music it's people to subscribe is because they're in a responses offenses because they're on iphones and it's the default saying

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